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You can find here jokes related to Sardars. Don't take it seriously. Only enjoy it and forget it.

  1. A Sardarji goes to a hotel and eats heartily. After eating he goes to wash his hands but starts washing the basin instead.
    The manager comes running and asks him, "Prahji, aap kya kar rahe ho?"
    To this the Sardar replies, "Oye, tumne hi to idhar board lagaya hai, 'Wash Basin' ".

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  2. Once Zail singh was relaxing in a park. Some kids playing nearby decided to pull his leg. Walking up to him they asked him,

    "Sir are you relaxing?" Zail singh replied, "No, I am Zail Singh!"

    The kids started laughing wildly and ran off. This terribly confused Zail Singh and he decided to check it out. He walked up to a guy who was relaxing on a bench near him and asked,

    "Are you relaxing?" The man replied, "Yes, why do you ask?"
    Zail Singh answered with satisfaction, "Then those kids are probably looking for you!"

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  3. An Englishman, an American and a Sardarji are called upon to test a lie detector .
    The Englishman says: "I think I can empty 20 bottles of beer".
    BUZZZZZZ, goes the lie detector.
    "Ok", he says, "10 bottles".
    And the machine is silent.
    The American says: "I think I can eat 15 hamburgers".
    BUZZZZZZ, goes the lie detector.
    "All right, 8 hamburgers".
    And the machine's silent.
    The Sardarji says: "I think...", BUZZZZZZ goes the machine.

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  4. Having lost his donkey a Sardarji, got down to his knees and started thanking God.
    A passerby saw him and asked, "Your donkey is missing; what are you thanking God for ?"
    The sardarji replied "I am thanking Him for seeing to it that I wasn't riding the donkey at that time, otherwise I would have been missing too."


  5. Banta Singh finished his English exam and came out. His friends asked him how did he do his exam, for that he replied ; Exam was okay, but for the past tense of THINK, I thought, and thought, and thought ... and at last I wrote THUNK !!!;

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  6. Our sardarji was filling up an application form for a job. He promptly filled the columns titled NAME,AGE,ADDRESS etc. Then he the column SEX. He was not sure as to what to be filled there. After much thought he wrote THRICE A WEEK. On seeing this in his appln. form, he was told that it was wrong and what they wanted it to be filled was either MALE or FEMALE. Again our sardar thought for a long time before coming up with the answer PREFERABLY FEMALES.


  7. One sardar needed two plain papers but he had only one.Do you know what he did: photocopied the one which he had. sardar are fun arn't

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  8. Do you really sell that much salt? A man asks to a Sardar who is running a grocery shop stocked with thousands of boxes of salt.
    "No " says the Sardar. "I sell may be two boxes a month. To tell you the truth, I'm not a good salt seller. But the one who sell me salt-now he's a good salt seller."

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  9. While at the college Sardar happened to watch the notice board.
    It reads: Invites suggestions for the modification of Ladies Room.
    Sardar writes under
    Let the men Permit to Enter

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  10. Why the sardar is writing his examination outside the classroom

    because it was his entrance examination.

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