This is my new page.  The old one was at, which was bought out by, which eventually got around to ending free web hosting without bothering to tell anyone.  Welcome to the new new economy.
    I can't change the old page, add a redirection, or even delete the old one.  Still, you're here, so you must have found out about the change somehow.  Congratulations!

    I have high hopes that is up to the task of hosting my electic collection of screeds and missives and grainy photos.  We'll see.

What we are
    Anderson Models is a "garage" kit manufacturer of 1/144 scale launch vehicles and spacecraft. The medium is almost exclusively resin, which accounts for the high cost.
    The "company" is just me, and about as close to non-profit as you can get. Mostly, I enjoy seeing others enjoy my models as much as I do.

A Few Words About Materials

    Several of the models have separable stages and/or fairings. ANY of the models' SRB's can and should be mounted on pegs (not included) to make them separable, too.
This increases MY enjoyment, but it can also lead to imperfect fit and more work. You are always free to glue the thing together, of course.



Okay, I've been back for a while, but still find myself unable to fill orders.

I apologize for that, but work and much else has kept me entirely too busy.
There's very little time left for models.

At least I've updated the e-mail address, so you can complain directly to me again.
Remove the "nospam." which is just there to confuse the spiders.

Sorry for the inconvenience.  No, I don't know when, or even if, I'll start again.



Works In Progress

Works in progress are:
The Indian PSLV prototype is complete, and the GSLV have been started.
H-IIA:  preliminary work done.  This model will replace the H-II, whose molds are getting pretty old.
Delta IV EELV:  preliminary work done.

The Gallery

Photos sent in by YOU, the modeler, of real-space subjects

The Catalog

In more-or-less geographical and chronological order
Click on each for pictures and info

   United Kingdom:


Blue StreakBlue Streak




Ariane 1Ariane 1
Ariane 3Ariane 3
Ariane 44LPAriane 44LP
Ariane VAriane V
Ariane V With Hermes




H2_1 H-IIH2_2




Athena LaunchersAthenas
Delta IIIDelta III
OSC Launchers


Soviet MinishuttlesSoviet Minishuttles


How to order

First, drop me an e-mail so I can ensure I've got your order in inventory by the time it arrives.
Then, total your bill.
Add 10% for shipping within the U.S. and Canada; 20% overseas.
Send a personal check, cashier's check, or postal money order, payable in $U.S., to the address I'll send you!

I can't take credit cards as such, but try PayPal !


Ninfinger Productions     Sven's site is the meeting place for nearly all space modelers.  If you can't find it here, it probably doesn't exist.  Sven also reviews kits in his Quick Looks page, which I've cross-linked above.

Other "Garage" kit makers:

RealSpace Models     The biggest kit selection of us all, including the superlative N-1 moon rocket.  All have outstanding workmanship.

New Ware     Ing. Thomas Kladiva prints his own decals, and has started making resin models as well.  They look terrific!

Rho Models     Julius de Roo helped me get my start, and sold a terrific line of kits.  Sadly, Rho Models is out of business permanently.

Part Time Models     Scott Lowther also helped me learn resin casting in my early days.  He's currently not making kits, but if he resumes, he should be offering his selection of winged launchers, including X-33, Pioneer rocketplanes, Sanger, and X-20's.  Scott also made my beautiful DC-Y model, and I think it's a shame it's no longer in production.

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