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The world's most successful commercial launcher is a major improvement on the Ariane 3's.  By stretching the first stage, improving the engines, adding larger solid and liquid strap-ons, and a much larger fairing with dual-launch capability, customers lined up for launches.
The Ariane 4 is scheduled to be phased out and replaced entirely by the Ariane V.
Model is 16 1/4" tall and comes with 19 parts, decals, and instructions.

 Ariane 44LP Kit Instructions


The Ariane 44LP Model                                    The Ariane family lineup


        Ariane 4x, where x is the number of strap-ons (0, 2, or 4).
        Strap-ons are either L (Liquide, or liquid-fuel) or P (Poudre, or solid-fuel), and are represented by a suffix on the end.  Both suffixes mean two of each type.

        Ariane 40        No strap-ons, the least powerful configuration.  To lift off the pad, the propellant tanks are less than completely filled.
        Ariane 42P      Two SRM's
        Ariane 42L      Two liquid boosters
        Ariane 44P      Four SRM's
        Ariane 44LP    Two SRM's and two liquid boosters (the configuration of the model)
        Ariane 44L      Four liquid boosters, the most powerful configuration

        I chose to model the 44LP configuration simply because it was the most visually interesting, in my opinion.
        The launch modeled is V42, the first flight of the 44LP configuration.  It launched an Astra direct-broadcast TV saatellite, and a Meteosat weather satellite.


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