Japanese J-1 launcher kit resources

    The J-1 was intended as a quick-and-dirty small satellite launcher. By using an SRB from the H-II program and upper stages from the M-V program, it was hoped that a cost-effective small launcher could be quickly developed. As it turned out, they were half right...it was quick, but the cost was exorbitant. The J-1 is now a historical launcher; there will not be another.
    The kit stands 9 1/8" tall and includes 6 resin parts, decals, and instructions. It models the first-flight configuration of the J-1; the second flight was substantially different.

 J-1 Kit Instructions

  The finished model.

The J-1 model isn't much...just an H-II SRM with a second stage and fairing added.
This models the first flight of the J-1; the second flight was substantially different, as it
used the shorter, fatter SRB-A for the planned H-2A launcher.  I don't presently plan
to make that kit.



        A J-1 launch
        The second flight vehicle, in case you wanted to compare

Ninfinger's Quick Look review of the kit (Sven "Ninfinger" Knudson is an independent reviewer).