Hermes kit resources

    Now cancelled, this small European shuttle would have been a frequent payload for the Ariane V, and a frequent visitor to the space station. Can be built in launch configuration (radiator panels retracted; it attaches to the Ariane V model in place of the fairing), or the free-flight configuration (with radiator panels extended).
    The kit is 5 1/2" long and includes 10 resin parts, decals, and instructions.

Hermes Kit Instructions

        The completed model
        This shows the paint scheme and all the decals.  There are no decals on the resource module.
        The resource module detaches from the shuttle; I don't have a photo showing this.


I don't have any, right now.

Ninfinger's Quick Look review of the kit (Sven "Ninfinger" Knudson is an independent reviewer).