Japanese H-II Launcher kit resources

The Japanese H-II launch vehicle has had a troubled history, with two failures out of seven launches, a development program plagued by engine problems, and a per-flight cost that is exorbitant by any standard. But the H-II is also Japan's first try at a totally indigenous design launch vehicle, and an ambitious try it is. With a 4-meter diameter core and a LEO payload of about 20,000 lbs, the H-II is a sizable rocket.
Current plans call for the H-II to be phased out. The H-IIA will be broadly similar, but will incorporate many changes to reduce cost.
The model stands 13 1/4" tall and includes 20 parts, decals, and instructions. Payload fairing and second stage are detatchable. The kit can model one of two versions: a "light" version (at left) with just the two SRB's and a 4-meter fairing, or an "augmented" version (shown in center) with bigger fairing and two additional small solid boosters.

    H-II Kit Instructions


    H-2 Single-launch configuration              Dual-launch with hammerhead                   Some assembly required!
                                                                    fairing and SSB strap-ons


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Ninfinger's Quick Look review of the kit (Sven "Ninfinger" Knudson is an independent reviewer).