Blue Streak kit resources

Britain's nuclear deterrent was cancelled before it was complete, and was obsolescent before that. Nevertheless, the Blue Streak was a powerful missile of the Atlas class, and would form the basis of the Europa launcher.
The kit stands 6" tall and includes 4 resin parts, 2 aluminum tubes, a stand (1 resin part and 2 aluminum tubes), and instructions. No decals are included.

Blue Streak Kit Instructions

        The completed model.
        I chose to paint the LOX tank white, which would be the color at launch.  Before fueling, it's aluminum.

        The striping was accomplished by hand, and I don't know any other way to do it.
        Without an ALPS printer, I'm unable to make a decal with both white AND clear (or silver).

        A Blue Streak in operational service would have probably looked a lot like the Thor's based
        in Great Britain.  Unfortunately I don't have a digital photo of one yet, but they were painted
        white and featured a prominent roundel insignia, as well as a vehicle number.


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