The Gallery

    This space is for models built by satisfied customers, and other interested real-space modelers.

I'll start things off by throwing in a few of my own.  You've already seen my collection of Anderson Models, so here are a few built by others, and some custom one-offs I've built over the years.
As always, everything is 1/144 scale, except where stated otherwise.

Mat Irvine's collection, on display at the Science Museum in London.
A beautiful set of 1/144 launchers, from various sources; three from yours truly, a whole lot more from Rhomodel and Realspace, and even a few from (gasp!) Revellogram....
What this tells me is I need to build more models!
Built by:  Mat Irvine,

Matt also put together all 3 available Ariane V kits.  From L to R:  1/96 Dragon kit, 1/125 Heller kit, and the cute one on the right is mine in 1/144.
Source page:

1/144 Cutting Edge Models XB-70, with an X-15A-3 mounted on a dorsal hardpoint.
The X-15A-3 was a never-built delta-winged variant with a single large drop tank.
I built it from a Part Time Models stock X-15 several years ago, but never built a stand for it until now....

Part-Time Models DC-Y.
I wish Scott Lowther were still making these; they're beautiful!
Even more, I wish McDonnell-Douglas were making some.
The kit has one error, or rather Scott chose reference material that was superseded:  the kit puts the cockpit in line with the payload bay; that is, on a corner.
I rotated the top 45 degrees so the cockpit is on a flat side, per the last artwork.  It meant drilling new RCS nozzles.
I also put the payload bay doors on hinges, so you can open them up.
This model is the heaviest chunk o' resin that you ever did see.
Built by:  Erik Anderson


Part-Time Models X-33.
The kit was built before the obscene fin growth happened to the real X-33.
Built by:  Erik Anderson

With the help of Julis de Roo (Rhomodel), and a lot of his Energia parts, I built this Energia-M.
I kept the parachute packs on the strap-ons, though the one mockup that rolled to the pad didn't have them.
Built by:  Erik Anderson

An Augmented Saturn Ib.  Saturn Ib from Airfix, 7-segment strap-ons from RealSpace Models.
Built by:  Erik Anderson

A Europa IV.  I have as source material exactly one B&W sketch showing this vehicle; it's a Blue Streak core, with a pair of Blue Streak strap-ons.  All 6 engines ignite at lift-off; the strap-ons transfer fuel to the core until depletion.  The upper stage presumably uses LOX/LH2 engines, such as a derivative of the British RZ.20.
Built by:  Erik Anderson

The McDonnell-Douglas Barbarian.  I love this thing!
Back in the late '80's, when the Evil Empire ruled and SDIO was going to stop 'em, they (SDIO) found themselves with a large payload (the 100,000-lb Zenith Star testbed space-based laser), and NO WAY to launch it.
"Find a way," they asked.  "But it's got to be ready to go in 18 months."
This was the answer they got; maximum use of "existing technology" meant it used 3 Shuttle SRM's as strap-ons.  The first stage was a cluster of SIX Delta II first stages.  The second stage was a seventh Delta II first stage, in the center (note protective cover with air-lighting accessories).  The fairing was a stretched Titan IV fairing.  By the oddest coincidence, everything you see here except the SRM's are made by McDonnell Douglas....
Eventually, Zenith Star shrunk to 80,000 lbs; the preferred option became launching it on two T-IV's, and then Congress cancelled the Zenith Star.  Sigh.
SRM's from the Monogram shuttle.  Delta first stages from Rhomodel Delta II.  Titan IV fairing from RealSpace Models.
Built by:  Erik Anderson

Delta 3914            Delta 6920            Delta 7925

Julius de Roo (Rhomodel) sent me an early prototype of his Delta II model, and I got a lot of use out of it!
By his gracious permission, his first stage wound up in my Delta III model.
And you've already seen the Barbarian.
Here are 3 more Delta's; on the left is a shortened Delta I 3914 with an 8-foot fairing, circa 1984.
The center is an early Delta II with a 10-foot fairing, EUVE payload, circa 1992.
On the right is a Delta II 7925 GPS launcher, also circa 1992.
Julius has since improved his Delta II model, including the 1993 RIFCA package on the side of the vehicle, so these bear little resemblance.
Please ask Rhomodel for Delta II models; I don't sell his models, and his is a better kit than these anyway.
Built by:  Erik Anderson

Titan IIS
It may look like a Delta, but it isn't!  This never-built proposal was to convert a Titan II ICBM into a Delta-class launcher by adding the 10 Castor IV strap-ons.
Additional work included modifying the second stage to allow multiple burns, a payload attach fitting, and of course the longer 10-foot fairing.
By the time everything was said and done, it cost about as much as a Delta II.
Core kit was the Titan II from the US & USSR Missiles Kit; a RealSpace Titan II would probably have worked better.
Built by:  Erik Anderson

Rhomodel's Energia-Buran
I liked it so much, I felt compelled to hollow out the payload bay.  It was even more work than it sounds, but now it will carry a Mir module.
Now, I need to build a Mir module....
Built by:  Erik Anderson