Ariane V kit resources

    Originally designed as a carrier for the Hermes AND as a more-economical dual-payload launcher, the newest Ariane lost the manned mission with the cancellation of Hermes, and has also seen the growth of geosynchronous payloads reduce the number of viable dual-launch cargoes. In the meantime, a failed first launch and a troubled second one have caused the Ariane V some troubles in its introduction. With time, however, the Ariane V can be expected to be a fearsome competitor in the international commercial space launch business.
    The kit stands 14 1/4" tall and includes 10 resin parts, decals, and instructions. Payload fairing and second stage are detatchable. The Hermes kit (sold separately) can be mounted in place of the payload fairing.

Ariane V Kit Instructions


        The Ariane V model                            Ariane V with Hermes kit attached                     Some assembly required!

    A couple shots of the XMM mission, for which I hope to have an additional decal soon.



XMM Mission lifting off
This link has some nice pictures; click on the photo for a bigger picture
Arianespace's Official Ariane V site

Ninfinger's Quick Look review of the kit (Sven "Ninfinger" Knudson is an independent reviewer).