Europa kit resources

    Europe's first launcher never orbited a payload, but it looked great while trying. The British Blue Streak first stage, French Coralie second stage, and German Astrid third stage were never made to work together properly before the project was cancelled. The Ariane project followed, which worked much better.
    The kit stands 8 3/4" tall and includes 4 resin parts, 2 aluminim tubes, a stand (1 resin part and 2 aluminum tubes), and instructions. No decals are included, or really necessary.

 Europa Kit Instructions

        The completed model
        The striping was accomplished by hand, and I don't know any other way to do it.
        Without an ALPS printer, I'm unable to make a decal with both white AND clear (or silver).


Ninfinger's Quick Look review of the kit (Sven "Ninfinger" Knudson is an independent reviewer).