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Online Pop Mailbox Services

Web Hosting With Online Pop Mailbox Services

Are you ready to upload your website? Do you need online pop mailbox services from your web

host? If yes, you need to choose a web host that offers online access of POP mailbox accounts as part of its web hosting plan. Before you choose a web host service package, you need to analyze the number of POP email accounts you need for your website. Once you decide your website requirements for POP mailboxes services, your next step is to evaluate the features of hosting packages offered by different web hosts and choose a package that offer online POP mailbox services at affordable prices. Go for reliable online pop mailbox services.

About Online Pop Mailbox Services

Online pop mailbox service is a professional way of managing emails and gives you a greater control of your messages and addresses. Online pop mailbox service allows you to setup individual mailboxes, then establish aliases, forwarding accounts and still have the ability to “catch all” emails that are sent to your domain with misspellings or wrong addresses rather than having them returned to the sender.

Using Online pop mailbox service you can use your email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, Netscape Mail, Eudora, etc. for a superior level of emails management, yet still maintains a web interface manager for creating, deleting and editing all your mail accounts at any time and from anywhere you can get internet access. Online pop mailbox service is available with all Premium Hosting Packages.

Webmail Access — As an added bonus, all POP accounts come with Web access. When you’re away from home or the office, you can have online access of pop mailbox using the Webmail interface for your POP mail accounts. Now you can read, write and forward all email in your POP account while you’re away!

Web Hosting With Online Pop Mailbox Services – Things to Consider

In addition to online access of pop mailbox, you also need to evaluate other issues of web hosting policy which include:

  • Is web host offering secure pop mailbox services?
  • What is limit on the email forwarding?
  • How much bandwidth is offered?
  • How much is usable disk space at web server for hosting web pages?
  • What are file size limits?
  • Is there any FTP access?
  • Which software technologies are supported – CGI Perl, PHP, etc.?
  • Is there any database support?

Online POP Mailbox Services @

You can find online pop mailbox services at We offer various affordable web hosting packages with pop email accounts. Our Starter Hosting Plan offers 25 email accounts and Personal Hosting Plan offers 100 email accounts. If you need more than 100 email accounts Professional or Business Plans will be most suitable for you.

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