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Access of POP Mailbox

Access of POP Mailbox

What is a POP Mailbox?

A POP mailbox is an email account that holds your e-mails. It has an associated disk space on the mail server allocated for holding the mails. A POP mailbox has a unique email address of the form “username@domainname.topleveldomain”. Here POP is Post Office Protocol, an Internet protocol that is used for accessing and downloading mails from the mail servers.

What user can do with POP Email Accounts?

  • POP email accounts have associated username/password used for gaining access of POP mailbox. User can perform following activities on getting access of POP mailbox:

    • Sending Mails – Send an e-mail to any email address.
    • Downloading Mails – Download e-mail from mail server to his local machine.
    • Deleting Mails – Delete a mail from the mail server.
    • Forwarding Mails – Forward a mail from mail server to some e-mail address.
    • Replying To Mails – A reply can be sent to an e-mail.

     Get accesses of POP mailbox along with website hosting services

    You can get access of POP mailbox with the web hosting plans offered by fast-growing cheap web hosting provider – Free Home Page. The webmasters usually need POP email accounts for receiving mails from web users. You can setup some accounts like “”, “”, “”, etc. to receive customer feedback. The mails sent by web users get stored in the mailboxes at the web server. The webmaster can later access POP mailboxes services for retrieving mails and performing other mailing activities.

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