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How to Choose Web Hosting Service Provider

Web hosting refers to providing the storage space, connectivity, and services required to launch a website. If you have developed your website, your next step is to choose a web hosting company that offers disk space on the web server for storing the files of your website.

Choosing a Full Featured Inexpensive Website Hosting Service

If you are looking forward to launch a website, you need to find a f ast-growing website hosting provider that satisfies all your website requirements. There are certain points to consider while choosing a web host:

  • Make sure that the bandwidth and storage space offered by your web hosting service provider is suitable for your website.
  • If you can do with a finest free online website hosting service,don’t go for paid web hosting.
  • Your web hosting company must offer seamless network connectivity that minimizes the website loading speed. It should also offer a scalable solution.
  • Various web hosting packages are available. Select a web hosting solution considering the needs of your business.
  • Make sure that your web hosting company gives you enough control on your website.
  • If the web hosting provider offers website traffic reports, it will become easier for you to track traffic and make changes accordingly to attract more traffic.
  • Your web hosting provider must also provide technical support.
  • Check whether the web hosting provider is offering various platforms (Windows, Linux, UNIX, etc).
  • Check the technologies supported – ASP, PHP, CGI, and Perl.
  • Check the database supported – Oracle, MySqL.
  • Other things to consider include mail accounts, domain management, and customer support.

Economical Website Hosting Plans @ is a perfect full featured inexpensive website hosting service provider that offers economical website hosting plans for small as well as large websites. It offers following plans:

Finest free online website hosting service plan – 50MB disk space, 1GB Bandwidth and .25MB file size limit.

  • Full featured inexpensive website hosting starter web hosting plan – 1GB disk space, 10GB Bandwidth and 50MB file size limit, 25 POP mailboxes, and email forwarding features.
  • Professional web hosting plan – 10GB disk space, 100GB Bandwidth and 500MB file size limit, 500 pop mail boxes and more.
  • Business web hosting plan – 10GB disk space, 1000GB Bandwidth and 500MB file size limit, unlimited POP mailboxes, email forwarding with CGI, PHP, PERL access.

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