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Starter Hosting

Starter Hosting Plan for Cheap and Reliable Web Hosting Web Space

To offer your online services round the clock, you should be quite careful while choosing a website hosting service. The web hosting services should be of high quality so that your website is available every time a net surfer tries to access the online services offered at your website. For this you should make sure that sufficient bandwidth is offered by the web host and you get enough disk space on web server for your web pages. Though 100% uptime is not feasible subject to network and communication failures, but by choosing a reliable host we can avoid unnecessary downtimes caused by servers of poor configuration.

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Starter Hosting Plan Features

You can check our economical website hosting plans at We offer web site homepages building tools and web pop mailbox online too with the starter hosting plan.

  • Disk Space- 1 GB
  • Bandwidth- 10 GB transfer
  • File Size Limits- 50 MB
  • POP Mailboxes- 25
  • Unlimited E-mail Forwarding- Yes
  • Web Access of POP E-mail- Yes
  • Priority Customer Support- Yes (phone)
  • No Banners/pop/ups- Yes
  • No Advertising E-mails- Yes
  • Site Building Features offered with Starter Hosting: Site Builder, Site Copier, File Manager, Slide Show, Domain Manager, FTP Access, and FrontPage Support

What can happen if web host is not reliable?

  • The website will not be available when accessed making a site surfer reluctant to access it a second time. This may affect the online business awfully.
  • If web host offers email and FTP access along with the hosting services and the web server is down, you will not be able to access emails and files on server.
  • If the server hosting your website is down, the mails sent by other senders will not reach the server giving the sender misapprehension that website was a fake one and does not exist. Imagine a customer places an order with an online shop and make instant payment. When next day he tries to check the status of order, the site is not available and whole impression of the website goes down.

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