Ulama is a Popular Sport Among the Young
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These are some shots of young players taken during Ulama festivals
Ulama de brazo is also played by women. Hip Ulama is the exclusive domain of men.

Lorena, age 14, showing why she is the best at Ulama de Brazo
Guasave, Sin.Mexico. April 2002
Don Jesus showing a loincloth ( deerskin)
Jesus, a player himself, acts as coach for the junior Ulama team of Los Llanitos
Chuyito, age 6, the World's youngest ulama player
He is also an excellent player. Los Llanitos, Sin. Mexico
Receiving the ball "por debajo"
During the game,the score can have an upward and downward fluctuation. The longest game in recent memory lasted 7 days!
The referee or "juez" has the last word
Helping him are two veedores ( one who sees)
Just another Sunday!
The Junior team of Los Llanitos striving for 8 rayas: the winning score!
Javier, receiving "por arriba"
The leap to meet a high ball makes a great impression on the spectator. This is an example of "jugar por arriba"