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Girl Scout JUNIORS

Girl Scouts in Grades 4-5


Who are Juniors?

Juniors take on most responsibilities for their troops, and act as leaders and managers. They work with younger girls and in the community.



Junior Meetings and Badges

Juniors make most decisions about their troop and can run their own meetings.  They gain tremendous confidence through planning their troop's activities for the year.

They collect dues, keep records, assign and carry out tasks and organize short trips.

They earn badges, which require some skill and proficiency.

Juniors may also work on the Leadership Award, Junior Aide, Junior Girl Scout Signs and the Bronze Award.



As a Junior, you might ...

bulletVolunteer at an animal shelter, making a nicer temporary home for the animals
bulletPlan and host a dance in your community
bulletConnect with a Girl Scout who lives overseas
bulletWork together to organize a Try-It workshop for Brownies
bulletManage your group's finances
bulletEarn the Bronze Award, the highest achievement for a Junior
bulletSell cookies to pay for a trip to a horseback riding ranch
bulletAttend resident camp for a week


Scouting Web Resources for Juniors

Junior Badge Requirements

Across Generations
Adventure Sports
Art in 3-D
Art in the Home
Art to Wear
Becoming A Teenager
Being My Best
Business Wise
Camera Shots
Camp Together
Car Care
Caring For Children
Celebrating People
Ceramics and Clay
Choice Is Yours, The
"Collecting Hobbies"
Computer Fun
Consumer Power
Cookie Biz
Cookie Connection, The
Court Sports
Creative Solutions

CyberGirl Scouts
"Doing" Hobbies
Do It Yourself
Drawing and Painting
Earth Connections
Environmental Health
Family Living Skills
Field Sports
Finding Your Way
First Aid
Folk Arts
Food, Fibers and Farming
Food Power
Frosty Fun
Fun and Fit
Girl Scouting Around the World
Girl Scouting In My Future
Girls Scouting in the USA
Global Awareness

Healthier You, A
Healthy Relationships
High on Life
Highway to Health
Horse Fan
It's Important to Me
Lead On
Let's Get Cooking
Local Lore
Looking Your Best
"Making" Hobbies
Making It Matter
Making Music
Math Whiz
Milky Whey
Model Citizen
Money Sense
Ms. Fix-It
Music Fan
My Community
My Heritage
Now and Then Stories
Oil Up
On My Way
Outdoor Cook
Outdoor Creativity
Outdoor Fun
Outdoors In The City
Pet Care
Plants and Animals
Prints and Graphics
Ready for Tomorrow
Rocks Rock
Safety First
Science Discovery
Science In Action
Science In Everyday Life
Science Sleuth
Sew Simple
Sky Search
Small Craft
Sports Sampler
Stress Less
United We Stand
Visual Arts
Walking for Fitness
Water Fun
Water Wonders
Weather Watch
Winter Sports
Women's Stories
The World In My Community
World Neighbors
Write All About It
Yarn and Fabric Arts
Your Outdoor Surroundings

"Our Own Troop's" Badge
"Our Own Council's" Badge

Across Generations

Complete any six of the following requirements to earn this badge:

  1. These Are Their Lives:
    Interview one or more older adults to find out about their lives. Ask them about dates, special events, or other important days that they remember. Create a painting, time line, or scrapbook showing these important experiences. Give it to the person you interviewed.

  2. Learn a New Skill
    Invite a person who is 70 years old or older and has a special hobby or skill to share it with your troop or family.

  3. Make A Friend
    Visit a person in a nursing home or senior center at least two times. Ask her about her live, share pictures from your life, teach her one of today's songs or learn a song from her childhood.

  4. Be A Helper
    Find a way to assist an older person in your community. Help an older neighbor with her gardening, help a friend's grandmother with chores, or read to someone whose eyesight is failing.

  5. Service Directory
    With your troop create a list of community agencies, schools, house of worship, or organizations that help older people. Contact each organization and find out if it allo2ws girls to volunteer. If it does, what commitment is required? Does the organization provide training? Compile this information in a directory. Work with your leader or another adult to make copies of the directory available for people who want to do service project.

  6. Girl Scouts Past and Present
    Find women in your community who were Girl Scouts from 1912 to 1950. Invite them to share their Girl Scout memories with you. What has stayed the same in Girl Scouting? What has changed?

  7. Share the Fun
    Visit a nursing home, retirement home, or senior citizen's center. Participate in an activity such as singing or a game or craft session. Or create a special activity that you then share with a group of senior citizens.

  8. Love What You Do
    Invite an individual over the age of 65, who is active in her career, to come to your troop or group and discuss what has made her happy and successful in her work.

  9. What's So Funny?
    Find out how humor has changed over the years. Look at cartoons or comic books from 20 or 30 years ago. Ask your local librarian to help you find them. Next, read the funnies in your local paper or your favorite comic book. What's different? What's the same?

  10. Food Through the Years
    Invite a senior citizen to do a cooking project with you. Prepare recipe she enjoyed as a youngster. Ask her how food preparation has changed. Are some ingredients that used to be easily available now hard to find? What new kitchen equipment has been invented that makes cooking much quicker and easier?

Adventure Sports
Complete any six of the following requirements to earn this badge:

  1. Get Strong
    Adventure sports require strength, flexibility, and balance. When you're not actually doing the sports, prepare for them by doing:
    - Squats and lunges
    - Wall presses and push-ups
    - Walking, running, and skipping
    Go to the "Just for Girls" Web site to see how to do lunges, squats, wall pushes, and push-ups. Playing hopscotch, jumping rope, skating, and sk