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Attend Service Unit Meeting

Attend Service Unit Event 15
Wear Uniform (or Girl Scout shirt) to Service Unit Meeting 5
Sit by someone new and get to know them 5
Work on a Service Unit Committee 10
Take Volunteer Essentials 10
Help with a Service Unit Event 10
Have a bank account by Oct. 1st 5
Currently certified in CPR and First Aid 5
Your troop participates in Fall Sale 10
Your troop participates in Cookie Sale 10
Take any type of GS training 5
Take more than one training in less than 2 months 10
Donate an item to the end of the year auction 10
Turn in forms by deadlines 10
Add at least 2 new girls to your existing troop 20
Have your cookie chairman's name turned in to Hope 5
Attend all SU meetings before auction (in addition to #1–bonus for being at all mtgs) 10
Recruit a new Adult member to your troop or SU 20
Submit an article about your troop or pictures on our FB group page 30
Take at least one hour off from your busy schedule just for you 10













































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