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WhatÂ’s Stopping You?

1. I am only free on weekends – Though the majority of troops meet on weekday evenings, there are many troops who have chosen to meet on weekends. Only have Saturday afternoons available? No problem. As a Leader, you set the troop meeting time to fit within your schedule.

 2. I work full time – Over half of the Leaders we polled have full time jobs. Only have time available once or twice a month? No problem. A troop does not have to meet every week to be successful.

 3. I am Male – Though traditionally Girl Scout Leaders have been female, there are a growing number of men who have chosen to work with Girl Scouts. If you want to have a positive impact in the lives of young women, we have a place for you!

 4. I wasnÂ’t a Girl Scout; I wouldnÂ’t know how – Though many of our Leaders enjoyed Girl Scouts as children, it is not a requirement for leading a troop. Girl Scout Councils offer free training on troop management, working with the age level of girls you choose, and many others to help you become a successful Leader.

 5. I donÂ’t know any songs or games – Over half of the Leaders we polled said they didnÂ’t know any games or songs when they became leaders. There are numerous resources available to teach you and your troop. GSUSA offers several song books for troop use. There are various games and songs included in the handbooks and badge books for each level. Many Girl Scout Councils make song and game trainings available for new leaders to meet, play, and learn. Most public libraries also have song and game books available with material for all ages.

 6. I donÂ’t know how to do crafts – Though many people think of Girl Scouts as Crafts, Camping, and Cookies, there is much more to the Girl Scout program. Girl Scouts teaches Math, Science, Writing/Public Speaking, and many more life skills. Crafts are a fun, but small part of the whole Girl Scout experience.

 7. I do not have any teaching experience – One third of the Leaders who responded to our poll didnÂ’t have prior teaching experience when they became Leaders. If you are willing to learn with your troop, you can be a successful Leader.

 8. I do not like camping/nature – Camping is not a required Girl Scout activity. Troops choose whether or not to participate in the camping opportunities that Girl Scouts offer. Some troops love camping, others prefer not to. Camping is not necessary to have a successful troop.

 9. I have other children to take care of – Over 80% of the Leaders who responded to our poll have other children at home. Girl Scout activities can be family friendly and flexible enough to include your younger children.

 10. I donÂ’t have any children in Girl Scouts – Having a child in the Girl Scouts is not a requirement of Leading. If you like to work with children, you can be a Girl Scout Leader.

 11. I do Boy Scouts instead – Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts share many of the same principles and goals. In fact, the founder of Girl Scouts, Juliette Gordon Low, considered Lord and Lady Baden Powell great friends. Without their influence and help, there would be no Girl Scouts of the USA today.

 12. I am too old/I am too young – Girl Scout Leaders are all ages. If you are over 18, and have the desire to learn and share your experiences, you can be a Leader.

 13. I am a single parent – You do not have to be married to be a Girl Scout Leader. If you have a desire to work with girls, and some time to share, you can be a Leader.

 14. I am disabled – Girl Scouts is for EVERY girl, including those with disabilities. What better role model for them than a leader who shows everyday how to overcome obstacles?


New Bridging Requirements

New Leader Fundamental "5" trainings


For questions about joining Girl Scouts, please contact
 the Girl Scout Council Office at 501-758-1020.

Did You Know ...

Girl Scouting reaches one in every nine girls age five through seventeen in the United States?

Did you know that for every 100 girls who join Girl Scouting . . . 

Four will earn the Girl Scout Gold Award--the highest award for girls.

Twelve will have their first contact with a church.

Five will earn their church religious award.

Only rarely will one be brought before juvenile court.

One will enter the clergy.

Eighteen will develop hobbies used during their adult life.

Eight will enter a vocation that was learned through the badge or patch program.

Seventeen will be future Girl Scout volunteers.

One will use her Girl Scouting skills to save a life.

One will use her Girl Scouting skills to save her own life.


A recent study proved that Girl Scouting positively impacts girls:

72% more Girl Scouts than non-Girl Scouts will resist negative peer pressure.
76% of girls try new things in Girl Scouting that otherwise they would not have experienced.
71% of Girl Scouts nationwide will achieve A's and B's as compared to 50% of girls nationwide.
81% of Girl Scouts are more likely to attend college.
61% of women who have been Girl Scouts believe their membership influenced their success.

64% of women in Who's Who of American Women were Girl Scouts.


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