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Inexpensive Web Hosting Services Online

Once you have developed your website, you need to look for an inexpensive professional websites hosting? A website is hosted on a web server that is the server of the web hosting company you select. You should go for an inexpensive web hosting provider that offers high quality, affordable and comprehensive services. When you sign up for a web hosting plan, you pay for the space on the web server of the web host along with other features. In addition to web space from the fast-growing website hosting provider Free Home Page, other services offered are:

  • FTP Access for transfer of files.
  • CGI Access for supporting weblogs, discussion forums, calendars, etc.
  • Website promotion services like search engine optimization to make your site search engine friendly so that it is listed in top results of top search engines.
  • Database support if you need to create a database at backend. This is a major requirement for websites having a shopping cart.
  • Email services are needed on almost every website. You need 1 or more POP email accounts.

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What to look for in an inexpensive web hosting provider features?

  • Does your inexpensive web hosting provider provide prompt technical support?
  • Is FTP feature included?
  • Do check the disk space and bandwidth being offered?
  • Do consider the additional features like guestbook, counter, SEO, stats, etc.
  • Does your inexpensive web hosting provider provide site building features?
  • Does it offer support for FrontPage Support, CGI Access: PHP, Perl & MySQL?
  • Does your inexpensive web hosting provider offer backup facility in case of disk failure?

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