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Eazy and Free Web Site Building & Free Web Hosting

Gone are the days when building a website required creative and technical skills. Now you can do eazy and free web site building and also get free web hosting service. At Free Home Page, we offer you a website builder utility which anyone can use to create a site in just a few minutes.

You just need to select a layout style from the pre-built templates and can easily customize your pages with your own text and images. You can add multiple pages, choose color schemes, and add your own content too. So now you can do eazy and free web site building ANY time and from ANY computer online. Once your site is ready to go, you can use our free web hosting service package to host it online.

Smart Approach to Eazy and Free Web Site Building

The website development is a phased process involving some significant steps that include:

  • State Objective – Before you start free web site creation, outline your objective. Your site could be a fun site, informative website, corporate website, ecommerce website, blog site, etc.
  • Identify Requirements – Make a list of features and functionalities to be added to the website. Also decide additional web pages required for the website.
  • Create Website Design – Once you have decided the web pages, decide the structure of website, and create a design of home page and other web pages. You can easily find online easy to use templates and website homepages building tools for quicker homepages designing online. After creating a design of web pages, add content to web pages. You can go for professional web content writing services also. For free homepages designing online, find eazy and free web site building tools at
  • Embed Scripting Code – Scripting is done by web programmers with sound technical knowledge. Test all the web pages after they are designed and the code is embedded into them. In case of Free Home Page eazy and free web site building, you don’t need to do any coding. 
  • Choose Website Hosting Plan – This task can be done once the website is completely developed or you can start looking for a fast-growing website hosting provider in the early stages. For eazy and free web site building and hosting, select a free web hosting planfrom Our free web hosting plan do not offer free web hosting Subdomain or free web hosting Frontpage features. These are available with paid hosting packages. Sign up today!