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6314 of you want to know more about me.

Name: Andrew Millott

email address: ydnandrew@yahoo.com

Location: Fort Oglethorpe, GA

DOB: 9/11/78

Height: 5' 8 1/2"

Weight: 200 lbs.(ahem . . . 154 before marriage)

Eye color: blue/green

Hair color: medium brown

Body type: medium-large size (though developing boobs and a gut)

Eyewear: glasses and contacts, but not at the same time

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite article of clothing: My big, red, old, bleach stained Nike sweatshirt.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Religion: Atheist

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Heritage: English, Welsh, German, French, Chickasaw

Political views: Independent, but leaning left.

Marital Status: Married 03/07/03

Favorite alcoholic drinks: Probably just a good beer.  Bud Light was the favorite for a long time, and it's still the standard, but since my wife got me a beer of the month club membership for my birthday last year I've been branching out.  I still don't like IPAs or overly hoppy beers.  Really though I'll drink just about any of them after coming inside from a hot day working in the yard if it's really cold in a frozen mug.  A good sour mash whiskey or spiced rum is always nice late at night too.

Number of body piercings: 0

Number of tattoos: 0 (Gotta change that one of these days)

Spoken Languages: English, and tiny bits of Spanish (enough to get me in trouble), and like 5 lines of French and Russian

Written Languages: English and practically nothing retained from 2  years of French in high school.

Hobbies and Activities in which I willingly participate: Woodworking, brass work (trumpets), painting, ceramics, creative writing, composing music, video making, trumpet playing, piano, singing, web design, football, softball, soccer, weightlifting, running, walking, tennis, golf, bowling, fishing, WoW.

Activities that interest me: mountain/rock climbing, skydiving, hiking, camping, travel, community service (coaching kids sports), skiing, museums, rugby, raquetball.

Education: 6 years in university.  I started at the University of South Florida for 3 years, then took 2 years off and transferred to the University of North Texas (one of the top music programs in the world) in the fall of 2001.  I spent 3 semesters there before moving to Chattanooga.  In the Spring of '04 I returned to school part-time, this time at U of Tennessee @ Chattanooga.  I completed 5 semesters and withdrew my 6th semester because I had to stay home with my daughter during the days and work nights.

My first major was music education.  I switched 3 semesters later to music composition.  In my second semester at UNT I changed to kinesiology.  In my first semester at UTC I changed back to music education with a minor in composition.  For my last semester at UTC I changed my major back to composition. I likely will never finish a music degree.

Occupation: Bartender, freelance trumpet player and composer.

Career Goals: I wish I knew.  Side goals I have are to release at least one CD of my compositions, get my music published, write a film score, improve my brassworking skills and develop some new innovations for trumpets.  As for a real job I'll probably get into somes sort of career where I don't have to deal with the consumer much, or at all. After 7 years in a restaurant I really don't like people.

Personal Goals: I want to get all of my children's old clothes and toys out of my garage so I can finish setting up my tools and bowflex again.  For a long time I wanted to complete a marathon before I was 30, but that plan was aborted when I got married and I just didn't make the time for the training.  Having week knees and ankles doesn't help either.  I'd also like to coach youth sports someday whether my children are involved or not.

Places I have been: Texas - D/FW; Florida - All over; Tennessee - Memphis, Nashville, Paris, Puryear, Chattanooga, Gatlinburg, Knoxville; Ohio - Cleveland, Sandusky, Canton, Cincinnati; Massachusetts - greater Boston; New York - Niagara Falls, Buffalo, Rochester, Batavia; Indiana - Indianapolis; California - Hollywood, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Monterey, Nappa Valley, Sonoma Valley, Tiburon, Oakland; Canada - Ontario - Niagara Falls

Places I would like to visit before I die:Everywhere

Super-human power of choice: I used to think flying would be cool, but then I really thought about it and realized that if people saw you flying around outside the government would eventually catch you and disect you.  So that's not so cool.  I really don't want to be able to read minds either.  I figure there's a reason why people tend to think first and then speak.  Seeing the future would suck because I'd never be surprised again.  So I think it would be really cool if I never had to go to the bathroom ever again.