The Barre-L-Tone
Barre-L-Tone Comp

Fond though I am of the Tub-O-Tone, I have to admit the Barre-L-Tone is the better instrument. It is has a less metallic tone (surprize!), but more importantly, you can hear it very well right where you play it-- whereas it takes the Tub-O-Tone about 8 feet to produce maximum volume. It's a couple of pounds lighter, and less complicated in construction.

On the other hand, Harcostar barrels are not always easy to find and they may cost more than a Behrens tub. And the head will cost $25 or so. (What makes the Harcostar the barrel of choice is the collar and the 16" diameter top opening. However, other barrels may have openings which match available drum heads, and other ways of carrying the tension hooks could be devised.)

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