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Hello! My name is Judyth Vary Baker. I am an artist, poet, writer. I also knew and loved Lee Harvey Oswald.

Those who know me well realize that I have had an unusual and exciting life. My art reflects this: I invite you to look a little deeper. Here on this page, I have placed a famous photo of Lee Harvey Oswald.  I knew him personally -- he was an innocent man. His fate was tragic. I have known other people who also deeply affected my artistic values and soul.  Many of my paintings feature New Orleans, nature's impact on the human heart, and the life of the downtrodden. May the beauty I have tried to create in the midst of darkness run as a vein of gold and fire across uncharted thoughts.

I also paint mountains, cityscapes, animals, select portraits, modern impressions. I love to interpret modern life and themes. Elements of sorrow or horror may gleam here and there between bright green leaves. Life can be hard, but I still believe in courage, love, beauty, and the ultimate high potential of humanity to do good.

In my artistic ventures, I attempt to present all sides of my feelings to you.  I want you to be able to LIVE with my work. I despise shallowness, triteness, but I'm not afraid to present common themes in my own inimitable way. And I try to relate to YOUR world, rather than attempt to puzzle you with my own ego's musings.  I want to reach YOU. I care about YOU, and how my work touches YOU. I attempt to reach you with my passion and presence.  Color, light, and spirit animate my work. I have lived and worked, suffered and celebrated life, in many countries, reflecting my spirit and soul in these adventures by creating art, by writing poetry and prose. 

My art is now found worldwide: now, nearer the end of my life, my work is being recognized and appreciated by patrons from countries as diverse as Korea, Russia, The Netherlands, England, The United States, Hungary, Austria, Japan, Greece, Finland, Germany, and Sweden.  Investments in art can be an exciting and fulfilling experience for the wise patron.

The importance of Lee Harvey Oswald in my life, and his innocence, is outlined in the banned History Channel documentary "The Love Affair" in The Men Who Killed Kennedy series (TMWKK) by Nigel Turner.  It may be viewed at http://www.lee-harvey-oswald.com.  When you purchase my book, ME & LEE, published by Trine Day, at that site, you will also receive a personally signed bookplate, in addition to free DVDs. This doirecly helps the cause!

Edward Haslam's book, "Dr. Mary's Monkey"can be purchased from his website at http://www.docormarysmonkey.com  or from Amazon.com. it is the stunning back-up story to Me & Lee.

Know that Oswald was framed and was innocent is important.  The cover-up,who benefited, and why Kennedy died lead to today's situation in the United States.  Understanding the chain of command and how it was formed to lead to today's selfish, greedy bankersd and big corporations, who decide who runs the country,will shock you.  Be sure to watch "JFK II" at http://www.JFKMurderSolved.com.


 Sincerely, JVB.



Here you see Lee in his undershirt, beaten and cut. No doctor examined him. No lawyer came forward to assist him, even though he was charged before a judge in two separate hearings with two separate murders--that of a police officer, and of the President. He asked for a lawyer. No lawyer was supplied. His words were not recorded: we must rely on the reports of those who interrogated him, and their reports did not always match. Lee Oswald has been the ONLY accused assassin who EVER DENIED the deed. Lee said, "I didn't shoot anyone,"' and he also cried out,"I am a patsy!" Two days after his arrest, he was shot down in the presence of over 70 police officers by the gangster Jack Ruby, a local nightclub owner and bagman for Godfather Carlos Marcello. I've painted a portrait of Lee. It doesn't resemble the beaten prisoner. It reveals the man I knew. I've painted a very different portrait, indeed. Similarly, my many life experiences influence the way I look at the world, I have lived in the cities I have painted. The paintings I create from such experiences aren't the usual. They are a bit beyond the ordinary.




Visit my official website at http://www.lee-harvey-oswald.com and http://www.judythbaker.blogspot.com. Videos about Lee Oswald's innocence can be seen at SCRIBD: Judyth Vary Baker" Videos showing Oswald's innocence. To learn about why JFK was killed and who Oswald really was, visit Lole 4 JVB 4 LHO's Youtube Channel.
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