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Photo Album 3
John Hien (left)
Mike Austin (right)
loading tanks for
Chu Lai
Main Street
Tam Ky
Taking a Break
in the
Chu Lai/Tam Ky
Mike Austin in the
Drivers Seat at the
Gia Ray rock
Home of 2nd Platoon
H Co., 11 ACR
Base Camp at
Xuan Loc
"Honcho 3"
Does Anyone
Remember This
"Have Gun
Will Travel"
Tank H-23
Mike Austins
John Hiens Home
Either a 1st or 3rd
Platoon Tank
H Co., 11 ACR
The guy standing at the back of the tank
is Charles (Ed) Hensley and the guy sitting on
the back on the door of the engine
exhaust is Bob Branford.
Mike Austin
Melvin 'Joe' Hebert
Um, You Gotta
 Love Those C's.
This is Melvin 'Joe' Hebert
John Hien would
really like to find
this guy.

Photos Courtesy of John Hien
H-Co.  Jan. 67- Aug.68
2nd platoon  H-23