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Enemy Propaganda

This is some of the enemy propaganda from Vietnam.
 One of the pieces is a crude attempt to use John Sexton

John Sexton was the only Blackhorse trooper to be captured by the NVA. It happened on Aug. 12,1969 near Loc Ninh. E-troop was hit hard during a major NVA offensive in that area. They were overwhelmed and left several ACAV'S behind, thinking that all the troopers onboard were dead. My loader, Randy Long was there and told me that when H-co went in the RPG'S were shattering the trees all around them ! They took numerous hits and couldn't supress the NVA. E-troop withdrew through H-co and then they pulled out for airstrikes.
John Sexton was repatriated on Oct. 8,1971 after two years and two months as a POW.

 Lynn Hyland

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