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After developing a website, next step is to host the website to see it live on the World Wide Web. This involves getting a registered domain name. Different web hosts have different policies for registering domain names. Some may register for free but others may charge a monthly or annual fee. In addition to registering a domain name, a web host also reserves a disk space on the web server for the web site and may offer email access.

FREE Web Hosting

In free web hosting, your website will be assigned a domain name, such as “”. “yourdomain” is a subdomain specified by the webmaster and “webhostdomain” is domain name of the web host offering free web hosting service. For instance if your sign up for FREE Web Hosting with and your domain is “foodrecipes”, you will get a domain name as “”. In free web hosting and email plans, you will also get some disk space on the server. The amount of disk space depends on the web host. Know features of FREE web hosting and email plan at

Paid Web Hosting

For professional web hosting and email access features, you can register for a paid web hosting package. Paid web hosting plans offer more disk space, more bandwidth, and a domain name excluding web host domain. You also get free pop mailboxes and unlimited email forwarding facility.

Have a quick glance at the Paid Web Hosting packages at The highlighting features of the packages are – high bandwidth, more disk space, and access of pop mailboxes .

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All the paid or free web hosting and email access packages offered are affordable and reliable web hosting plans. We consistently give our services with high QoS (Quality of Service). See feature comparison of paid and free web hosting and email packages.