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Free Home Page is a fast-growing free web hosting service provider since 1999. We have hosted many websites successfully and are continuing to do so. Today everyone desires to create a global presence of his business for establishing a worldwide customer base. Those looking for fast-growing free web hosting services are at the right place. You will be glad to know that we also offer website homepages building tools FREE that can be used for developing a website easily and quickly. These easy webmaster tools along with easy to use templates minimize the effort and time required for developing a website. You can use website homepages building tools and templates with the fast-growing free web hosting packages available online.

Choosing a fast-growing Free Web Hosting Service Provider

Every website hosting service provider offer a certain set of services like domain name registration, web server space, bandwidth for data transfer over networks, etc. If you have a small business or want to host your individual website, you can go for Free Home Page’s fast-growing free web hosting service. With the growing needs of your business, you can upgrade to paid website hosting plans. Do a comparative study to help you choose the most suitable web hosting plans for your website.

Certain important factors to consider while deciding web host for a website:

  • The web host should offer web space sufficient enough to host your website.
  • The web server should have a configuration that it can support all the websites it is hosting.
  • Check out the software and operating system support available with the website hosting packages
  • Check if backup facility in case of disk failure is provided.
  • Does it include FTP, site building tools, site promotion, web stats, etc. features?

Host Website With

Sign up for fast-growing free web hosting at In free plan, we offer 50MB disk space, 1GB bandwidth with file size limit of 0.25MB. The site builder full-featured website designing tools help you to create a website in an easy way. For higher requirements like database support and POP mail accounts, check out the paid web hosting package available at View fast-growing free web hosting learning center for detailed features.