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Denon 2910 and/or 955 Firmware

Here you can find the Firmware for Denon 2910 (also known as 955 in USA) International Version.

I personally tested every firmware you can find in this site, but you must understand that to update the DVD Player is YOUR CHOICE and I DO NOT GUARANTEE IT WORKS FOR YOU !!!

I tested English, French and German players and I had no troubles at all.

It can now read ALL DVD Codes BUT if you only need to make your player codefree without updating the firmware YOU CAN USE THE REMOTE TRICK (above).

USA (Region 1) players are reported to work with this firmware, but I could not test.

Listing Site Updates

03/13/05 Added Denon DVD-2910/955 ESS:6720-8 International Firmware.

11/20/05 Added Denon DVD-2910/955 ESS:6720-A MultiRegion Firmware.

NEW! 12/20/05 Added Denon DVD-2910/955 ESS:6720-D Day 902 Multiregion Firmware


Denon DVD-2910 (European Version)

CLICK HERE for the Firmware ESS:6720-8


To make the Denon DVD-2910, 3910 and A1XV play DVDs from all regions WITHOUT FIRMWARE UPDATING.

1. Ensure there is no disc in the player.
2. Power off using the front panel On/Off button (not standby).
3. Press and hold Open/Close, Play and Skip Reverse (I<<).
4. Keep the above buttons held and Power-up the player using the On/Off button, holding the above buttons until the player's name disappears from the front panel.
5. Wait until the player finishes LOADING and the front panel of the player shows 0:00:00.
6. On the remote handset, press in sequence; 7 3 1 9 4 6 2 8
7. The unit should enter standby mode. On the front panel of the player, press the Standby button to turn the player back on.
8. To confirm the update, press on the front panel Stop and Skip Forward (>>I). The front panel should briefly display “Region_A2”. If not, then repeat the process 1-7 above.

This hack needs no firmware upgrade.


Changes List

Firmware 6720-8 : DVI Enhanchements (PQ) 

                              DVD-A now with video

                              More (unknown) enhancements.


Firmware 6720-A : DVI Enhanchements

                               More (unknown) enhancements.


Firmware 6720-D : HDMI Enhancements

                              More (unknown) enhancements


How to do the upgrade

1. Unzip and burn it to a disc, into the root directory.
Use NERO, ISO 9660, CD-ROM Single Session, MODE 1, no joliet, 8+3 naming.
I used CDs and CDRW without problems.

2. Connect to display device.

3. Insert disc

4. Display will show “disc loading” then “updating flash memory“
FL display will show “writing”

5. After 1minute loader will open.

6. Remove disc and power off (not standby - hard power off). DO NOT CLOSE TRAY

7. Power on and close loader

8. Now press and hold Play (>), Forward skip (>>I) and Open/Close for more than 3 seconds until “INITIALIZED” appears on front display.


9. Setup for fit your needs.


How to check firmware

1. Turn the small power button off on the front of the unit.

2. Hold down the PLAY and OPEN/CLOSE buttons on the front of the unit, both at the same time.

3. Turn the power back on and continue holding the buttons for 3 seconds, then let go.

4. After “>II LOADING” shows on the display, press the 3,2,6,5 buttons on the remote (in that order) and then press the MENU button to see the version.


Press MENU again five times to see the other settings for the firmware.