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Cheap Web Hosting With FTP and MySQL

Cheap Web Hosting With FTP and MySQL , PHP, Perl Support

A dynamic website with database and file access may have more stringent web hosting requirements than a static website with just HTML pages. If your website requires cheap web hosting with FTP And MySQL, PHP, Perl support for web pages, you need to look for a web hosting service that offers these features at affordable rates. Many web hosts say that they offer high quality web hosting MySQL/PHP but you need to be careful in choosing a reliable web host. Imagine a situation that your web site hosts a shopping cart but when more than 20 online users try to place order together some of their requests get failed. This happens only when you choose an ultra cheap unlimited hosting service and do not care for quality of service.

An Ultimate Professional Plan – Cheap Web Hosting With FTP And MySQL, PHP, Perl

Host your website with an affordable monthly fee and enjoy great hosting benefits:

  • No setup fee
  • High disk space of 10GB
  • High Bandwidth 100GB transfer
  • Maximum file size 500MB
  • Phone based customer support
  • 500 Email accounts
  • Unlimited email forwarding
  • Professional Domain name not having web host domain as subdomain
  • FTP Access
  • MySQL, PHP, Perl Support

Great benefits of this plan make it a suitable option for cheap web hosting with FTP and MySQL , PHP, Perl support.

This is an inexpensive websites hosting plan available at We also offer other FREE and paid web hosting plans. For lesser requirements, you can choose other inexpensive web hosting plans FREE Hosting Plan, Starter Hosting Plan, and Business Hosting Plan. Take s look at Comparison Chart highlighting all features. Sign up NOW for cheap web hosting with FTP and MySQL, PHP, Perl!