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Latest News from C.S.A.

PLAY BALLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



INDIAN JUNIOR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP is going to be held at VASCODAGAMA,GOA from 26th-oct-2002.ORISSA STATE TEAM is leaving ORISSA from 23rd-oct-2002,to participate on the JUNIOR NATIONAL .Near about 10 PLAYERS from C.S.A are going to represent the ORISSA STATE TEAM at this JUNIOR NATIONAL .The important fact is the PITCHER AND CATCHER of the ORISSA STATE team are from C.S.A, asusual .

ORISSA STATE MEET 2002 :After a long time period of gape finally Orissa State meet held at SATYABRATTA INDOOR STADIUM,CUTTACK FROM 18TH TO 20TH OF JUNE-2002.More then 15 Districts got participated in this State League .Both SOFTBALL AND BASEBALL got played in this STATE LEAGUE .
CUTTACK CITY Got the 1st place in Boyz section match where CSA/BBA got the 2nd place. ROURKELLA Girlz got the 1st place in the girlz section match where CUTTACK CITY Got the Second place on the Girlz section match .
C.S.A was the Champion of The last State meet which was also organised at CUTTACK .Let us see C.S.A can continue winning the Championship or not .

INDIAN JUNIOR NATIONAL 2002 :The 20th Indian Junior National is going to be held at GOA from 24th of OCTOBER-2002 .
Each and every state in india Are making there all effort to be the champion of the Junior National .
C.S.A have putted a Voting pole for the Junior national on our home page .Just vote the poll and know who is going to be the winner of the Junior National in public vote .

15TH Indian Sub-Junior National held at Hydrabad(A.P) from 28th'May-3rd'June-2002.M.P Got the Champion position in both Boyz and girlz section .In Boyz section Kerla got the 2nd Position ,Rajasthan got the 3rd position & A.P got the 4th position.In Girlz section A.P got the 2nd Position,Kerla got the 3rd position & Goa got the 4th position .
The Sub-Junior National held at L.B STADIUM HYDRABAD .

Orissa at the Sub-Junior National:
Orissa Boyz won only 1 match in the league against DELHI .Where Orissa Losted it's both Match against MAHARASTRA & CHANDIGARH .In the Girlz section Orissa Losted it's each and every match in the total league .

3 players were playing in the national from C.S.A in the Boyz section and 4 girlz were playing from C.S.A in the National league for ORISSA .

Who is responsible for the bad perfomance of the team in the National league ??????Is it the Coach or the players ???

This is the only and only softball releted website in all over India,Created by C.S.A.


STATE MEET Is on the way after a long time period of 3 years .Each and every team from Orissa are waiting for the State Meet .The state meet is to be held at CUTTACK from 8th-June-2002 .

C.S.A(SENIOR),C.S.A(JUNIOR) & C.S.A(GIRLS) are totally ready to attend the State meet .It will be really a very tuff competition .This time C.S.A(JUNIOR) is thinking about the Champion ship .Bytheway Best Of Luck to all the players .

Our Sub-Junior team is Fully Prepaired for the Hydrabad Sub-Junior National Selection camp to Challange each and every player in Orissa .

There was a Match held Between C.S.A(SENIOR) & C.S.A(JUNIOR) on C.S.A ground on 17th-APR-2002 morning .C.S.A(SENIOR) Won the match by 6-2 difference .It was just a practice match organized by C.S.A(JUNIOR) .

C.S.A(JUNIOR) Seems to be totally ready for the Sub-Junior National at Hydrabad .C ya later .

The Latest news about SUB-JUNIOR NATIONAL :
Indian SUB-JUNIOR NATIONAL is going to be held at HYDRABAD,ANDHRA PRADESH from 26th-May-2002.

NEWS FROM WOMANS FESTIVAL INDORE,M.P : Orissa Team had losted each and every match on Womans festival Indore .Orissa's Womans team was really weak this time .Bytheway let us wish Orissa womans team better luck next time .

NEWS FROM C.S.A:Our Senior National team is going to Mehboob nagar Hydrabad in December of this year.This Senior National Will be held on 22nd of December of this 2001.From C.S.A. Susant Mandal is going as a Catcher from Orissa team,Arun Prusti is going as a pitcher of Orissa team,Sudhir is going as the right out of orissa team,and a lot more players are also going on this national from C.S.A.

Recent Nationals held on 2001 :There was a Junior national held on Cuttack,Orissa,India in November where Madhya pradesh was the champion of the natinal league,Punjab was on the second position and Chandigarh was on the third position.And in Girls section match : Maharashtra was the champion ,Madhya Pradesh was on the second position and Karnatka was on the third position .Orissa didn't secured any position on that National. There was a Sub-Junior national held in the month of june at INDORE,M.P.Madhya Pradesh was the Champion at the Boyz Section,Madhya Pradesh was also the champion on Girlz section,Rajasthan secured second position in Boyz section and Maharastra secured the second position in Girlz section .

Senior National Mehboob Nagar(23rd-29th of December 2001)-

M.P have secured the 1st place,A.P Have secured the 2nd place & PUNJAB have secured the 3rd place in the boyz section AND In Girls section Punjab have secured the 1st place,Maharashtra have secured the 2nd Position & M.P Have secured the 3rd position.
Orissa boys have losted there 2 league matchs and they didn't qualified for the quarter final.Orissa girls qualified for the quarter final but losted there matchs in the quarter final.

M.R- SUSANT MANDAL(Catcher) was the Captain of ORISSA in the boyz section where M.S-NANDITA PRIYADARSHINI(1st Base) was the Captian in the girlz section of ORISSA team at the Mehboob nagar senior National.
The intresting thing is both of the ORISSA Captain are from CAPITAL SOFTBALL ASSOCIATION.

Woman's Festival -

Indian Softball Womans Festival Is going to be Held in 24th of Feb-2002 at INDORE(MADHYA PRADESH).Orissa's woman's Team is going to Indore on 21st of Feb-2002.
The Woman's Festival camp is Over and the Team had Losted each and every match at the Womans festival on at Indore,Madhya Pradesh .

Last update:10th-OCT-2002........