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Photo: M.R-DHIRENDRA PRADHAN. I am Dhiren.My playing Position is 2nd Base.I am a cool C.S.A(JUNIOR)player .I am now days trying to get select on the state and National team from C.S.A.There is a Sub-Junior National at Hydrabad(A.P) from 26th-MAY-2002 ,I am trying my lable best to get select on Orissa Playing nine at the National League .I am very grateful to Anant Basudev, Because I came to know about the game from him and he helped me out to improve my game. I am also very thankful to our Captain Chinmoy Pattnaik who also did helped me improve my game and he Modified my faults on the game .I am really very much Grateful and thankful to my coach Mr. Sanjib Mandal .He always tries to make me strong physically and mentally.I know it is always tuff to stand on the Out field .Cause every bodys eyes is always up to you and you have to do what eva you can .I am 100% confident about me that I will play the greatest I can .Thank you very much for visiting us .You also can contact me @ : dhiren_pradhan@yahoo.com . Enjoy .

Photo: M.R-MANOJ SAHOO . I am Manoj .I am a C.S.A(SENIOR) player .I play at Right Field .I like playing on my Position .Now days I am prepairing to play for the C.S.A at the Satte meet .I am trying my lable best to get select at that C.S.A(SENIOR) team .I will play my lable best at the State meet .Thank you for visiting us .Enjoy

I am Erfan .I play for C.S.A(JUNIOR).My Position is Shortstop .The position where I play is a very difficlut position to play .There are lots of players who plays at this position at National and state level ,So It is really been very difficult for me to get select on the state and National Leagues. This time I trying the best to get select at the National team as a Playing Shortstop .The team is going to hydrabad(A.P) from 26th-MAY-2002 .Hope catch ya there .Bye bye .