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Photo: Mr. SUKANT MANDAL . About me :I am the Secretry of Capital Softball Association,Bhubaneswar .It is a Association about Softball .Softball is a Popular game is all over world .We peoples over here trying to make Softball Popular in India .And we hope that we can make it .I am that much confident about my Team players that I am openly challenging any 1 to stand infront on my payers .I am sure you will fill the thrill while challenging my players .This time I will try to send enough players to Nationals .It is time for my players to practice for the Sub-Junior Nationals.Well thank you very much for visiting us .If you want to be a member of C.S.A the please contact us .We will be with you .Thank you again .ENJOY VISITING C.S.A.

Photo: Mr. SANJIB MANDAL. I am The chief coach of Capital Association .I am also the coach of Orissa state at the National lable .I am also a Umpire .We got the Best talent all over Orissa and India in our team .I am really proud of my players who are represnting C.S.A ,ORISSA & India in the state,National & International lable .Hope you will enjoy our Team .

Photo:Mr -SUSANT MANDAL I am the C.S.A(SENIOR) CATCHER .I play for C.S.A at the State lable ,Orissa At the National Lable ,India At the Inter-National lable .I have played more then 15 Nationals .I am also a Sub-Junior and Junior coach of C.S.A.These time I am practicing for Senior National . I am the Only Inter-National Fast Pitch Softball player in ORISSA STATE .

Photo: Mr- ANANT BASUDEV Hey there I am the Sub-Junior and Junior Catcher of C.S.A .My Jercy Number is 13,2 .I have played 2 Nationals before .Those are - Bhiwadi(Rajasthan),Indore(M.P).Now days I am a bit busy in my Studies.There is a Junior National at GOA from 24th'oct-2002,I will try to get select in the Orissa team for that National .It is too tuff to be a catcher .I proud of my Association (C.S.A).Lots of challanges are there in this Selection camps .I am a bit Confident about me .This time me and my Partners are trying to make Orissa Champion at the Nationals .It is always difficult and challenging to play in a position like catcher but I like to accept challanges and to handle a team you must be that much frequent and intelligent .I am THE GAME so I don't care about these things .Thats why I do whateva I can .Let us see whats happening .Bytheway c ya at the Nationals .Till then this is Anant sayin bye to ya .You also can contact me at : abasudev@rediffmail.com or you can visit me at : http://www.abasudev.cjb.net .Ok thenTake care .Enjoy .These days it is raining badly ....Is in't it ?????Bytheway TIME TO PLAY THE GAME so Gotcha go bye bye .But listen don't try to Screw THE GAME !!! You know what - WE BRING THE WHUPPIN'S AND YOU BRING THE ASS!!!

Photo: Mr- CHINMOY PATTNAIK. I am the Sub-Junior & Junior Pitcher from C.S.A.I Represent C.S.A at the State lable and ORISSA at the National Lable .I am a cool Pitcher .I have played 6 Nationals .Those are - Mathura(U.P),Ghaziabad(U.P),Indore(M.P),Bhiwadi(Rajasthan),Hydrabad-Junior(A.P),Indore(M.P).I like Pitching .Now days I am busy prepairing for the Sub-Junior Nationals at Hydrabad .I was the only Sub-Junior Pitcher in Orissa ,but now dasy there are more then 5 pitchers in Orissa team but I am trying to make Orissa Champion at the National lable .I hope this time me and our team will be successful .I am the Captain of C.S.A(JUNIOR) & also of ORISSA Sub-Junior Team .I have played more then 6 Nationals .I hope this time I will catch ya guyz at the Nationals .Till then bye bye .ENJOY visiting C.S.A.

Photo: Mr- A. SRINIVASH RAO I am Chinu .I have played more then 2 Senior Nationals from C.S.A(SENIOR).My Position is Left Field .I am able to challange any player in India on Out field .I like Throwing the ball from the out field .You know it is just like the rocket .I Proud of my Association .This time I am busy on my works and also with the Senior National practice .Hope catch ya there .Enjoy .

Photo: Mr- JAGANNATH BHUTIA. I am Jagga .I am a Player from C.S.A(SENIOR).My Position is Left field .I have played more then 2 nationals .I am playing Softball from last 8 years .I love playing these games .Now Days I am busy practicing for the State meet and also for the Nationals .I am sure about me that I will get select on the team .I really Proud of my Team - C.S.A.Thank you very much for visiting us .Fire your Imaginations .

Photo: MS- NANDITA PRIYADARSHINI. I am Nandita a Girlz team C.S.A(SENIOR) Player .My Position is 1st Base .I am able to challange any girl in India in my Position .This time I am concentrating on the Indian Senior National selection camps & Coaching Camps .I have played more then 10 Nationals .

Photo: MR. RUTURAJ NAYAK . I am Ruturaj .I play at 2nd base .I have played 3 Sub-Junior Nationals .Those are - Mathura(U.P),Ghaziabad(U.P),Indore(M.P).Those are really cool Nationals for me .I had a very good experience on those nationals .Now days I am trying again to get select on the Hydrabad(A.P) Sub-Junior National Team .I know It is really very tuff But I got that much confident that I will get selected .Bytheway I really appriciate my team mates and the players from Orissa at the National lable .I do proud on my C.S.A team .Catch you at the Sub-Junior Nationals.Till then Bye bye .Enjoy visiting Us .

Photo : MR.ASHUTOSH SATPATHY. I am Babun satpathy .My nick name is DD1 .That means every body in C.S.A calls me in that name (DD1).I am a Catcher .I play at Sub-Junior Nationals .I am new at game but confident on my self .I am really making my effort on this Sub-Junior National Selection .I think I will get the Position on the 9 playing .Let us thing .Bytheway seeu at the Nationals .Now days I am a bit Ill .I will get well very soon .