Rule One

In any conflict each side, whether aggressor or defender, insurgent or loyalist, desires to win and feels entitled to win.

Rule Two

Accordingly, each side will adopt self-serving tactics of war and self-serving norms of morality.

Rule Three

The only rules any belligerent ever considers legitimate and binding are his own.

Rule Four

Only when the vanquished have been defeated by their own rules are they truly beaten.

A's   G A M E     

The Western flood has been rising, encroaching - too long. Atheism, promiscuity, pornography, contempt for piety, the mixing of genders, it all masquerades as freedom and modernity. No more! Those toxins are licking and blistering the ethos of the Prophet. That cocktail of corrosive acids swirling around and under the roots of Muslim society, can no longer be endured.

The foes of the Messenger seek to eviscerate his Message. They seek to obstruct Islam's world historical task; they blanch at the prospect of all of humankind embracing the Message. They cling to the wicked ambition inherent in the aggressive expression, Crusade. It yet evokes the din of stomping hoofs and ringing metal. Enough!

A thousand years ago the Crusaders were repelled. For centuries thereafter a brilliant Islamic civilization led the world, in the sciences, in the arts, in commerce. Muslims were the navigators and builders of humankind. Thus shall it be again.

Believers, we are commanded, we have a trust: to defend the Faith, to slay the enemy's champion: America. That is our destiny. We exist to bring to an end to the reign of that Satanic monster. Its fall will herald the submission of the West. And vanquished too will be Israel. The recidivist Jews have broken free of the fetters with which the Prophet himself, peace be upon him, had bound them. They have sprung up to defy the Holy Koran, to mock the Muslims, to defile the honor of the Arabs. For the Faith to live, the Zionists, the enemies of Allah must perish.

The West is corrupt. Its wars have sapped its courage, its sins have subverted its virtues, in its folly it supplies the vehicles, the weapons, the instructions for its own destruction. The "open society" lies moribund at our feet. European populations are stagnant and graying, whereas the lands of the Muslim surge with life. Tired, weary the West is trussed in self-doubt. It feels itself sinking. Icy fear grips its heart. Lacking spiritual warmth it is dying amid vast abundance. Whereas the youthful Muslim, rich with a blazing love for Allah, is alive and virile.

The future is ours. The present even now slips from the foe's grasp. Europe is without a spine and America is without a soul. That whole rotten, worm-eaten tissue of lies, is ready to collapse. It awaits only a few well aimed kicks from Muslim boots. The task is less formidable than it appears. Like a spider's kingdom America's interests sprawl across the globe. Hers is a webbing of delicate operations and sensitive infrastructure. Her assets, bridges, tunnels, subterranean railroads, towering skyscrapers, crowded shopping centers, all hang exposed. No metropolis, no neighborhood, no village is safe. The USA will tatter like chaff. Her severed threads will flutter helplessly. Small devastations and enormous conflagrations are in the power of jihadists.

When opportune, warships and barracks may be struck. The overall strategy however, must avoid the enemy's armed might. Like Japan's island garrisons of WWII, America's military today is best beaten by being ignored. This Goliath is best fought not by cannon, but by a thousand darts flung in the night. Those will bleed the monster and make him despised and hated, even as he rails and assails and wrecks his vengeance on the unarmed and powerless.

The fight is psychological no less than physical. The enemy's peace of mind and self confidence are in our cross hairs. They are his loose teeth. Let his tongue wiggle his sins and worry his bad conscience.

Embassies, cultural symbols, civilian concentrations, all are fair game. Civilian society in the West elects its rulers - hence it is responsible for their crimes.

Never fear the kaffir's indignation. Pursue him wherever he stands, sits or sleeps, from army bases to public buses, to kindergartens. Toddlers are more dangerous than old men, they will ripen into soldiers, they are growing tall and strong to do their worst.

Civilian populations were hammered in the Second World War. They remain legitimate military targets today. Soldiers are yet drawn from there. Weapons are still produced and paid for by civilians. Moreover, civilians comprise electorates. Western governments take their orders from the voting public.

The West's weapons are superior. Its soldiers however, are inferior. They fear death. That makes them clumsy and hesitant while social fissures make them fractious and alcohol rots their mind.

Jihadists are fortified by the certainty of heavenly rewards. For God's warriors the prospect of death is not immobilizing but a spur. An army of 100 unafraid, can defeat a thousand terrified. Thus Islam, with 1.2 billion adherents, is unbeatable.

Behold the hand of the Almighty. Mark how the West has been allowed to forge weapons it fears to use, even as the Muslims have been entrusted with the world's life-blood, oil. All for a purpose.

Muslim fingers have been placed around the West's throat, and strengthened with oil wealth. Enough to acquire the West's dreaded scimitars and bring humankind to the destiny the Holy Koran promises.

B's   G A M E    

The problem is toppling skyscrapers. America is being demonized and targeted. There is the threat of nuclear devices exploding in her cities. Cells of fanatics roam the world dedicated to hurting Americans. They dream of seeing the United States topple the way the Twin Towers fell on September 11.

Who is involved? People whose life revolves around a religion that began six centuries after Jesus' time. Chronologically their mindset compares to that of Christians in the 15th century. Back then Christendom was under the spell of tonsured friars inveighing against the Devil and his earthly children.

Christianity has put that behind it. Islam however is still in the midst of it all. Today turbaned mullahs identify America as Satan and Muslims as God's champion. They preach jihad and send young soldiers into action with plastic keys to Paradise around their necks. Each is promised 72 heavenly maidens should he die in battle. Satan is the enemy and Satan practices democracy, preaches toleration for all religions and values freedom of speech. That is the world view that has picked a fight with America.

How to respond? Search every automobile entering a tunnel? Frisk each rider turning a subway turnstile? Watch every crossroad with cameras. Guard all threshold with sensing devices? Live behind peep holes? Certainly America cannot remain a gracious, generous and tolerant society while focused on all who seem suspicious. Moreover, not any number of gates can keep out determined miscreants with dangerous materials.

What is to be done?

Mixing politics and religion, let alone pawing other people's God, is distasteful. A religious war is the last thing Americans want. But we must face the fact that this struggle is driven by religious fanatics. They have crept into our world from another time. They are here now. They insist on their rules, and they have put our cities on their chessboard.

Dispersed cells of holy warriors, with no address, are intent on making America live in perpetual dread. They mean for her to shiver before a constant prospect of slaughter. They want her to feel hunted, haunted and helpless, until the nation's nerves break, her will snaps, her wallet saps. That is the role America is assigned to play. Because the open society is considered a mortal danger to the Islamists' outlook.

On May 8, 2004 Nick Berg was decapitated by the Al-Qaida leader, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. A week earlier Zarqawi declared:
"God knows, if we did possess (a bomb), we wouldn't hesitate one second to use it"   His voice was identified on an audiotape by the AP on 4/30/04.

That must be answered. It is seriously meant and is well within the realm of the possible. We overlook it at our peril.

The answer is to make it clear to Islamists, as they huddle over their checkerboard of good and evil, that the West also has a conception of the sacred. Civilian society and human life are as precious to America, as much as are their Holy Places to Muslims.

Innocent human life is the West's conception of the sacred. On that it lavishes its love and fervor. Where Muslims do not fear death and are prostrate before the Prophet's cities, Americans cherish life and revere their civil society. America understands and respects the centrality of Islam's Holy Places. The centrality and sanctity of America values demands equal deference. That must be brought home to the warriors of God. Injure what is sacred to us and you invite the desecration of your own holy of holies. Your numbers and your anger will be of no account.

Realize, you threaten what you love. You provoke the unendurable. On that score no one must remain in doubt. No shyness about that equivalence. That needs to