North Korea has Death Camps.

Hundreds of thousands of people, entire families, often Christians whom the regime has scape-goated as state enemies, are being subjected to cruel medical experiments and murdered in gas chambers. Yes, in gas chambers.

Those horrors are real. Read about them here:

The mad and ferocious regime of Kim Jung Il is not just an offence to humankind, it is a danger to the peace of the world. It admits to having broken the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and boasts of nuclear weapons and long-range missiles.

A violent confrontation and enormous bloodbath is in the offing.


North Korea is China's creature. For fifty years China has been her patron and ally. Today Pyongyang's only ready source of petroleum, and sole life line to the world is China. North Korea's  economic, military and psychological dependence on the Middle Kingdom is complete. She is at the mercy of her guarantor.

China, in short, is in a position to effect a regime change in Pyongyang and its denuclearization. She has the necessary economic muscle and if need be also the military might. That China is able to bring North Korea to heel means, she is obliged to do so. As a world power and herself a former victim of atrocities, China has a responsibility not to tolerate crimes against humanity, especially when committed by her back yard protégé.

Condoning horrors she can put an end to makes China an accomplice. Those horrors continue because China chooses to permit them. She is playing the Pyongyang pitbull as a chess piece against the West.

To end the suffering of countless human beings and prevent a massive military collision China must defang her ferocious dependent.

The nations of the West may not be in a position to impose their will on North Korea short of a bloodbath, but we, as individuals, can exert real pressure on China. Let us boycott her products until she ousts Kim Jung Il and closes down his death camps and eliminates his nuclear arsenal.

Boycott China.

Let us stop buying products made in China. Let us avoid stores that sell Chinese imports.  This is a real and effective way each one of us can help put an end to a major tragedy. And without bloodshed.

Don't buy Chinese

We will shun  China's goods, we will eschew merchandizers like Walmart. While China tolerates and empowers an enemy of humankind we will not give her our cash.