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Meet Voices of Praise!
Some members of VOP! Below, from left to right,
Top row: Faith Johnston, Steve Johnston
Middle row: Jerusha Lewis, Michael A. Shaw
Bottom Row: Suzan Richards, Judy Lewis, Joy Clarke.
Missing from photo: Neema Mugala, Patrick Joseph, Christine Mathenge, Ngalula-Mabudi, Clyon Herbert, Janice Taylor.

photos by: Michael A. Shaw.

Our vocal sections!
The great Altos:
Faith Johnston
Judy Lewis
Joy Clarke
Neema Mugala

The dynamic Tenors:
Michael Shaw
Suzan Richards
Patrick Joseph
Clyon Herbert

The wonderful Sopranos:
Jerusha Lewis
Chrisine Mathenge
Janice Taylor.
Faith Johnston, Group/Artistic Director, Producer
Right: Faith, also a founding member, leads and directs our gospel group. Her patience and endless hours of vocal arrangements, and co-producing our music, help keep Voices of Praise inspired and focused. Thanks Faith teaching us so much.
Steve Johnston, Technical/Musical Director, Producer-Songwriter
Left: Steve Johnston, is also a founding and long-time member of V.O.P. He composes & produces our beautiful music. Steve's modesty in his musical composition, inspires the group to newer and higher levels of ministry, each time we sing his original songs of inspiration and praise unto the Lord. Thank you for sharing your God-given talents with us Steve.
Markus Edwards (deceased), Founding Member / Tenor
Right: Markus was one of the founding members of V.O.P. The man with the "golden voice" passed away Christmas 1999. We miss you Markus, thank you for giving us Ottawa's "Voices of Praise."
Left: Suzan Lavertu, Choreographer
Suzan (Richards) Lavertu, Choreographer & a Tenor/Alto. Suzan is also a founding member of V.O.P. She's our hard-working Choreographer. Suzan also runs the Afro-Caribbean Cultural Arts & Dance Studio, here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Thank you Suzan for your dedication.
Michael Shaw, Photograher / Graphics Director
Michael Shaw is our gifted Graphics Director and Photographer. He helps capture our eventful and memorable moments on film and other presentation media. One of our truly talented Tenors! "The Lord will always make a way" for this young man. Thanks Michael for your dedication and assistance.
Joy Clarke, Public Relations/Booking Manager!
Joy is the contact person for booking our performances and events. She also directs the public relations for the group. If you want more information concerning the group, or this website, please contactJoy.

Stay tuned for more photos.