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Thank you to St. George's Anglican Church, Ottawa, Ont., where we practice each Sunday, for their continual support of VOP. We sincerely appreciate your assistance over the years.

We would like to thank the following churches for their past support, by allowing us practice time in their halls: The Church of The Nazerene, Kanata and The Ottawa Church of God, St. Peter's Anglican Church, who sadly closed their doors March 2003. We will always be grateful for their past support.
We also have a sit-in band, who continually provide a dynamic and exciting sound to our performances, Clarence Smith (Bass Player) and Ross Murray (Drummer).

We would also like to acknowledge & thank David Hubernig (Drummer) who from the very beginning, provided more than drumming for VOP in the past and present. His talent, positive, raw energy has been an inspiration to VOP. Thank you David! Thank you Ed for being a great Bassist, providing inspiration, prayer and hope and Rhonda for sharing your family with usl Thanks to all of our family members, past VOP members, friends, fans and event-goers, who have supported Ottawa's us over the years! Keep the Spirit!!

In Memoriam:
Markus Edwardsone of our Tenors, was one of the founding members of VOP. The man with the "golden voice" passed away Christmas 1999. Thank you Markus for giving us Ottawa's Voices of Praise. We think of you always.

We offer our sympathies and condolances to our families, friends and anyone affected by sickness, sadness or tragedies. We wish you many blessings,strength in unity and love, now and always. God Bless you all.

Our Practice Location:
We are a gospel group with many denominations (churches), based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.The nation's capital !
Practice Sessions: Held at St. George's Anglican Church, Ottawa, ON.

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Joy Clarke - Public Relations / Booking Manager
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