UPDATE: NOVEMBER 26, 2007 -- I apologize for the long delay; I've come to realize the website was much more popular than I thought as I've been receiving emails inquiring when the site would be back up. Anyway, GOOD NEWS ! I am almost finished, and Vilma Banky will be back online by the end of the year. I appreciate everyone's support during the (almost) year hiatus.


I am moving this site to one with fewer to none at all ads or pop-ups. Even I got frustrated with the increasing amounts of pop-ups. Eventually, I hope to eliminate them completely.

Anyway, the entire site is being re-vamped and getting a new look. I am finally getting around to adding all the information I've had sitting around for ages.

New information includes an updated biography, nearly completed filmography, more pictures [and lots of candids], more info on Banky's early life and family, more articles, newspaper clippings, and items about life in Hollywood. Additionally, Off Screen & At Home has been re-done!

I'll post the new address SOON! The new site is nearing completion, and should be done by the beginning to mid-May of 2007. Thank you for the kind comments, questions, and additions over the years!

Contact: rachelashley@lycos.com.