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Page 1TubTips Advice on Choosing a Tub
Page 2Inventory of Tools With Options and and Alternatives
Page 3Shopping List Complete Inventory of Materials
Page 4Tub-O-Tone Anatomy Overview Diagram
Page 5Small Parts Hardware and Miscellaneous Materials
Page 6Conditioning The Tub Luckily It's Very Malleable
Page 7Making The Back Ring Drill and Sabre Saw Are the Main Tools Here
Page 8The Back Panel Makes Enclosed Volume Like a Drum
Page 9Adding the Free Lugs They Hold Tub Tight, and Form Soundholes
Page 10Making the Legs Custom Lengths at Less Expense
Page 11Beginning the Neck It Was a Tool Handle in a Former Life
Page 12Making the Tripod Where Precision Counts
Page 13Tripod and Tuner Completing Both Ends of the Neck
Page 14The Final Moves Tune It Up and Plunk It
Credits and Thanks
Special Thanks to Dan P. Pfeifer and Mary Nichols, who graciously volunteered to share with Tubotonia their photo sequence documenting construction of Tub-O-Tone #J-006.

Photos Page 6: d; Page 7: all; Page 8: all; Page 9: all; Page 10: all; Page 11: a, b; Page 12: all; Page 13: a; Page 14: all, copyright 2002 by Mary Nichols. All other photos copyright 2002 Lauren Miller. No photos may be reproduced for publication except by permission of their respective copyright holders.

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