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1. "A Work of Art"
Made (by Art, presumably) in California, c. 1981
Similar bass at Bunnybass.com

2. Eddie Osborne & Gutbucket
Visit the Florida Folklife Website for more information.

3. Oak'n Steel 4-Stringer by Pat Lane
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4. Dan Parker's Pickin' Buddy "Ernest Tubb"

5. Paul Brown and his Colorful Classic

6. Duelin' Tub-O-Tones

7. Ply-Top 4-Stringer by Dennis Havlena

8. "Armed and Ready" by Chuck Porter

9. Laura Forney and her Family's Drum-Bass

10. Robbie Phillips with The Wombat Bass
C. Smith, Fiddle (Photo by L. Knudsen)

11. Mika Grön & His Blue(s) Bucket

12. Gastank Bass, by Jeffro

13. Washtub Jerry and Steed

14. The Street Bass
Created by Den Poitras

15. The Plonkers' Classic Tea-Chest Bass

16. Duane Ratliff's Tub-O-Tone in Concert

17. "...The Ear-Wringers, circa 1964. Mom (seated) designed and built 'The Tub' that I am playing. It has 2 strings tuned to D and G, and it has 3 frets. The bridge is a wooden bucket handle."--Ewell Clarke

18. Tim Escobedo's Hardware Store Kora

19. A WTB with a DLN (Dog-Leg Neck)
by Eric Jewett

20. Ol' Dan's Truly Upright Bass

21. The Tubless Washtub Bass--
Dave's Electric String

22. Italy's Only WTB?
by Matteo Bondavalli

23. Studio Stu with An Earlier Studivarious

24. Tom's Elegant Havlena-Style Bass

25. Tub John (1955-2002)

26. Slappable Bluegrass Bass
by W. Yates

27. Pump-Action WTB by Z. Campbell
Played by A. Darveaux

28. Roy Carver's Stradibucket

29. Doodle-Basses by D. Havlena

30. Kenton Owsley's Cable Tub Bass

31. The Mobile Mando-Bass, by Rick

32. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
(Photo thanks to Ray Chipault)

33. Bill Koch's Oval-Tub Upright

34. Studio Stu with the Drum-Bodied Studivarious

35. "Ernestine" --Cap'n (J.) Cook's Double-Tub Bass

36. Plunking Outside the Box:
Cardboard "Bungee Bass"
by Chris Dennstaedt

37. Steve's Jerry-can Bass

38. Maximize Your Thump -- Use a Mallet

39. Steph's Basswood Bass,
Handmade by Husband Dennis Hansen

40. Keith Ramsay: Relaxin' at Copper Canyon

41. Canjo Trio
by Scott Scarboro

42. Flower Tub Song?
(Photo by J. Kincaid)

43. Wardrobe Bass
by Harvey

44. Jimer's Musical Planter

45. The Lumberhorn
by Bob Jorin

46. Cigarbox Fiddle
Made by WTBassist Sue V Thompson

47. Kirk O'Brien's Fixed-Neck Model

48. Gnarly, Indeed
Joyce Pinckney's Rustic WTB

49. Every Tub on Its Own Head?
(Photo from the OheK website.)

50. Tubotonia's Experimental "tURBo" 4-String

51. Sho' Nuff Blueswoman
Miss. Amy

52. Second Cousins of the WTB
Cigar Box Guitars

53. The g'Twang

54. Artful Embellishment
by Nick LaVigne

55. Belgian Black Beauty
by Bart Crauwels

56. Mailbox Dobro
by Shane Speal

57. Studio Stu's Studivarious

58. Beer Canjo by Dik Castle
(Pic cribbed from the Jugfusion website.)

59. Mike Hardee's "JazzTub"

60. Bucket-in-a-Frame
by Mike Bishop

61. Ezra's ShotGutBucket
More at the WrecknRoll site.

62. The Great Sexto-Guidrum
by David Thompson

63. Paul "Tub-O-Tone" Brown
Heading to the WTB Gathering?

64. Louie's Bassine Bleu
with the T-Sale Cajun Band

65. The Whalebone Bass

66. Wash Away Your Blues
with the T. Nastos Duo

67. Over The Waves
WTB Afloat in British Columbia

68. Fixed-Neck Tea Chest
designed by Bob Isaacs

69. Cookin': The Booze Bros. Blues Band
Bill Lester, Tub-O-Tone

70. Pa Kini Bass, Played by Kamaki Sherman
Hawaii Star-Bulletin photo by George F. Lee

71. Kansas City's Smashing Bumpkins
(Mark Shroer, WTB)

72. Swingin' in Natalia (TX)
Doug Sultenfuss on Tub-O-Tone

73. Who's On First?
Dan Villeneuve with his 1st WTB model

74. Mo's Musical MudBug
See More Artwork by Mo Paul

75. Mollie's Garbage Can 2-Stringer

76. Fink Gets Funky
DanBob Fink of the Dog Mountain Band

77. WK Gets Crazy
with the Zombillies

78. The Mopman-- Jim Nason
of The Emerald City Jugband

79. Even Danes Do It
Nikolaj Niels Andersen and His WTB

80. Duelin' WTBs
Thanks to Anon for the Photo

81. Tin-Top 2-Stringer
by Leroy Troy

82. Old Spice Boys
Billy Milroy on Tea-Chest Bass

83. Dan Fitzgerald
Of The Lost & Wandering Blues Band

84. Willow Bend
T. Gucwa, Tub-O-Tone

85. Blues At BB's Barbeque
with the late Dave "Snaker" Ray

86. Bucket-In-Frame Model
by Mark Miller

87. Les Marvellous Pig Noise
of Montpellier, France

88. Seattle's Crown Hill Billies
Darryl Miller, WTB

89. Bass Clef Bass
by Chris Badynee

90. Plytop 4-Stringer
from Boland Instruments

91. Rockin' the Fingerboard
Gutbucketeer Jim Bunch

92. Fixed and Fingerable
by Jeff Menzies

93. Sloan's Tone
Tub-O-Tone by A. N. Sloan

94. Plytop 4-Stringer
by Mark Miller

95. Clawfoot Tub Bass
by "Jeffu" Warmouth

96. Homegrown: Gourd Bass
by Jeff Menzies

97. The Yokohama Jugband