This questionnaire is designed specifically for players of the tea-chest bass (or bush bass, as it's known down under.) Of course there are many such things which are not strictly speaking made with tea chests. Let's just say that if your bass uses a rectangular wooden box, this is the survey for you, and if it uses a round metal tub, then you should do the Washtub Bass Players Survey instead. People with in-between instruments can pick whichever group they identify more with.

Click the check-boxes and choice buttons for your basic responses. Use the Comment boxes to expand your answers (especially in the cases where you pick "other"!)

Your responses will (someday) be summarized in a new section of the Washtub Bass Page devoted to the tea-chest bass, and also be forwarded to Jim Uticone, who is currently at work on a book about the Washtub Bass and its kin and cousins around the world. The more detail you provide, the better! (No one's name or personal information will be used without their permission.)

Your feedback and ideas about possible Washtub/Tea-Chest/One-String Bass Gatherings can help make these events exciting, entertaining, and educational for all.IMPORTANT: Anyone who'd like to volunteer to translate this questionnaire into German, French, Spanish or any other language, PLEASE e-mail me (Lauren Miller) at tubotonia@netscape.net, or David Badagnani at davidbadagnani@yahoo.com

IF YOU HIT [RETURN] BY MISTAKE ... and find your survey suddenly terminated ... CLICK THE [BACK] BUTTON and you can pick up where you left off.


1. Name (required)
2. E-mail address (required)
3. Location (requested)
     Zip/Postal Code
     Street Address (optional)

4. Phone number (optional)    ()    -


5. Do you currently play the TCB?
      not now, but I used to play
      no, never played


6. Whether you play TCB now or not, how many years have you played?
     1 or less
     other, more than 12


7. Did you ever have music lessons (on any instrument)?
     yes, but not on the TCB
     yes, and on the TCB in particular


8. What other instruments do/can you play?
     acoustic (contre/double) bass
     electric bass
     acoustic bass guitar (ABG)


9. When and where was it that you first heard or saw a TCB?

10. What was your first impression of the instrument, at this time?  

11. When did you first start playing a TCB?  

12. What were your thoughts about it, at the time?  

13. Was there a specific person whose playing (or encouragement) inspired you to take up the TCB?


14. Do you play TCB with a regular group or band?
     yes, that's my main TCB activity
     no-- I mainly jam with whoever's available
     no-- I'm mainly a solo act


15. If so, what other instruments are used in it?
     guitar or similar instrument
     banjo or similar instrument
     violin or other bowed instrument
     sax or other woodwind
     trumpet or other brass
     drums or other percussion


16. What style of music does the group play (mainly)?


17. With a band or not, what style do you personally like most to play?


18. Do you have other musical talents?
     read music
     compose songs


19. Do you play along with recorded music?
     no, or rarely
     yes, just for practice
     yes, as part of public performance


20. If you play with recorded music, what musician/band/album do you especially like to play with?

21. Who's your favorite musician/musical group?

22. What's your favorite recording featuring TCB?

23. Further comments on TCB and musical styles


24. What is the resonation chamber on your TCB?
     a box formerly used to ship tea
     box like a tea chest but made specifically for music
     some other sort of wooden container


25. Where did you learn how to make your TCB?
     just picked up the idea from tradition
     worked from printed plans/illustrations
     patterned my TCB after another I'd seen
     improvised my own design


26. In playing position, what's the orientation of the box?
            vertical, i.e. on end
          horizontal, i.e. on its side


27. Is there a "sound hole" cut in any of the panels of your TCB?
     Yes (Please indicate in Comment how big it is, and where it is located.)


28. Is the bottom enclosed, or left open?


29. What do you prefer to use for a string?
     clothesline or similar multi-strand cord
     weedwhacker line or similar monofilament
     wire (e.g. aircraft cable)
     musical instrument string (please specify which, in Comment)


30. How is the string attached to the pole?
     looped around a groove in the end
     led through a hole (or holes) in the end
     attached some other way


31. In what other ways has the box been modified?
      corners reinforced
      feet/legs on bottom
      top reinforced to support end of pole
      box dismantled and reassembled
      internal bracing of side panels
      hole/socket added to stabilize end of pole


32. How is the neck (stick/pole) positioned on the resonator?
      fixed (firmly attached to the box)
      floating (not fixed, but remaining upright even when not being played)
      rocking (must be held to be upright)


33. If a rocking neck, where does the neck pivot?
     on the top panel
     on the edge bracing


34. Additional comments on TCB construction


35. What's the lowest (acceptably musical) pitch your TCB will produce (approximately)?
      typical bass low E (~41 hz)
     typical guitar low E (~82 hz)


36. What's its range (approximately)?
     less than an octave
     about 1 octave
     about 1.5 octaves
     about 2
     about 2.5


37. How do you stabilize the TCB when playing?
     foot on top of box
     foot on bracket attached at floor level
     it needs no stabilization


38. What do you do to better hear the pitch of the note?
     press stick against head/ear
     use an extension (e.g. thumb) between stick and ear
     just listen real close


39. How do you change the pitch of a note?
     only by rocking the neck
     only by flexing the neck
     only by moving a lever (pump action)
     only by pressing the string against the neck at different positions
     a combination of the above techniques (please explain)


40. Do you use a "capo", or some such device that varies the point where the open (unfingered) string takes off from the neck?
               yes          no          other


41. Do you ever "bow" the string?
     sometimes, with a bass bow
     sometimes, with some other sort of bow/agitator


42. Further comment on TCB playing techniques


43. Do you play through an amplifier/p.a. system?
              never     sometimes     always, or almost always


44. If so, what electronic equipment do you typically use?
     guitar-style (magnetic) pickup
     attached (piezo, ceramic) pickup
     some other arrangement


45. If you use a microphone, what type/brand do you prefer, and where do you place it relative to the TCB?

46. If you use a contact pickup, what brand/type is it, and where do you place it relative to the TCB?

47. Additional comments regarding amplification.


As you may have heard, there was recently a gathering (a rumble?) of washtub bassists, in Trumansburg, NY. It featured demonstrations of building and playing techniques, seven performances by bands using tub basses, much hobnobbing and comparing of notes, etc. This was a lot of fun, and there's since been talk of having another such event for one-string basses of all sorts.

48. As a measure of your interest, what's the farthest you would travel to attend such an event?
     about a block
     up to 50 miles
     up to 100 miles
     up to 500 miles (maybe)


49. Would you be interested in organizing or helping to organize one in your area?
     helping to organize
     performing on stage
     conducting a workshop/discussion


50. In your area, what town/setting would you suggest as an especially good one for a OSB gathering? (Just for comparison, Trumansburg is a laid-back small town not far from Ithaca, NY and the Gathering took place in the "Rongovian Embassy", which serves Mexican cuisine and 137 varieties of exotic beer.)


51. As a TCBassist, have you been featured in the news, on tv, radio, etc.?

52. What do your family and friends think of your interest in the instrument?

53. What other hobbies, interests, and leisure time activities do you enjoy?

54. If your TCB is painted/decorated, how did you do it?

55. What kind of work do/did you do, for a living?

56. How many other TCB players do you know of, in your area?

57. Would you like to be listed on the Washtub Bass Page's Registry of One-String Bassists?  (Click here to pop over and have a look at it. )
     yes           no   (If you check Yes, be sure we have your city/state/country
                                       back in question #3.)

58. Would you like to receive a summary of the results of this survey and news of TCB-related events? (If so, be sure we have your e-mail address, back in questions #2 and #3.)
     yes      no

59. If you know any other TCB players who would like to take this questionnaire, please send them the url, which is http://tubotonia.freehomepage.com/TCBQuest.html. If they don't use the internet, write their mailing address in the space below and we'll send them a copy of the survey.

60. If you have any further ideas/comments about the TCB -- construction, playing, music, gatherings, etc.-- or about this survey, please use this space to let us know.

Thanks for your participation.


Plunk in Peace,

Lauren Miller, David Badagnani and Jim Uticone