Mike and Linda,                          october 2005
          This has been one of the greatest years you guys have had and i want to thank you. At the last race I almost started to cry as i was walking to my car knowing that that was my last time at TVS. I have gone every week this year and wouldn't miss it for anything. I'm 19 and am a shift supivisor at the Bella Vista Dairy Queen, twice this year they have schelduled me to work a Sat. night and I never showed up. I decided to go to the races insteed. They knew where I was and I'm lucky to still have a job.   Jeremy Huffman Is my favorite driver. I would seriously do anything to ride around the track with him a few times or to drive his car around the track just once. That seriously would be a dream come true for me. If jeremy quit racing, i don't think I would go to the races anymore. I almost cried the first time I met him, which was at dairy queen.
        Anyways, thank you for the 10 years of memories, and good luck to the both of you with what ever the future holds for you two.
                               DEREK           #1 thunder valley fan  &  huffman fan
this message isn't concrete yet:
this message isn't concrete yet, and hopefully developes out as planned. if the training schedule allows me to do so, I'm looking at a window in July to come home for a week and a half. I'd like to arrive home on a Wednesday, spend Wed-Fri @ home in Stilwell, hit TVS on Sat nite, then Sun thru the next Friday visiting all I can and still spending time with my Dad and Mom, hitting TVS again on the next Sat, then flying out after the races are over. Hopefully this will all work out, like I said, IT'S NOT CONCRETE, military life leaves me no choice but to PLAN ONLY. I'd sure like to get home to meet everyone, and Jab around on those I already know (kenny, carry and MISTY) I wouldn't jab on Debbie, shes the sweet one!
Be ready, It may happen, if not, I'll let ya know the sad news too!
Ray (litle51)

Comments: This is Jordan from Turltle Lake Wisconsin and I'd like to say good luck to Matt Rush in the #98 car in the factory stock division"have a great season"

                                love your little bro

Comments: Hello. My name is Erica. I live in Wisconsin. My older brother Matt races in Fayettville, Arkansas and I don't get to seem him that much only during the summer. I would just like to say, Matt good luck in your racing season and be careful. We love you
                             Love Erica Rush

Comments: You put on the best regular saturday night show any where that I have seen.Keep up the good work.  Thanks Mitch
Full Name: Mitch Winsted

Comments: Hi Mike & Linda  It looks like if the rain would stay away your year would have started out good. I haven't been there because on the 23therd of April i was rushed in the hospital for emergency back surgey i had a ruptured disk and they removed it.It pinched my nervers and paralyzed me from the wasit down they said i would not walk again.But i walked out of the hospital with a walker and my sister came down to arkansas and took me back to her place in Rochester,Minnesota to the mayo clince.Now i'm walking on cruches and i'll make it with a lot hope and prayers.But the sad thing i won't be racing with you guys this year and that makes me sad. Enought about me. I hope you all have a good year.  Terry 75  My prayers are with you all, bye.                TERRY LYBECK
hello, we are in cincinnate, OH at the childrens hospital.  We have
brought Jacob(he is 18montths old now) here for testing and at least two
operations. One of the operations will be on his spinal cord where there
is a risk he will loose what leg function he now has. We will be here for
at least three more weeks. I have many people at TVS I proudly call my
friends and if they could just remember Jacob in there prayers my family
and I would greatly appreciate it.
thank you
Wade Enyart
Comments: Would just like to thanks from Travis to everyone who made him feel like part of the family at Thundervalley while he was home on leave. He will be headed back to Alaska on Thurs. and then from there we are not sure yet. He really enjoyed being at the track the last 2 weekends and says that he will see you all next year...hopefully. Thanks again.
Full Name: Hope Barrett