2005 Thunder Valley Speedway

Super Stock Rules

These rules are consistent with

Batesville, Tri-State, Salina and Outlaw

  1. Super Stock weight rule 3300 lbs. with driver after race.
  2. Any year from 1967 to current year model, make or model American made production car. Minimum wheel base 101”. Wheelbase must remain stock according to year model. All must cars must remain stock appearing. All glass, chrome and trim must be removed. Windshields must be replaced with protective screen and have 3 small bars in front of the driver. All flammables must be removed. All cars must have factory bumpers front and rear. All doors must be welded shut. Bars may be added, front and rear, to protect radiator and gas tank. Any unibody cars must have center supports welded to connect front and rear frame. All cars must have radiators in the engine compartment only. No square bodies or chop tops. Tops must be stock.
  3. Engines set back: #1 plug must be no further back than ball joint. All cars must use 2-barrel carbs. No more than 500 CFM maximum 1 1/16   bore maximum, Holley’s ok, headers ok. Any battery fired distributor. Manual fuel pump. No electric fuel pump.
  4. Must have fuel cell mounted in trunk in a fuel cell can. No fuel cell without can will be allowed to race. Must be securely fastened and in heavy tube frame. Must have rear firewall between driver and trunk.
  5. All cars must have working clutch and transmission. No Bert or aftermarket transmission. Clutch must be on crankshaft. Mini clutches ok. All forward gears must work in the transmission.
  6. Front shocks must be in stock position. Racing shocks ok. No weight jacks. No torque absort divides and no double shocks.
  7. Rear-ends may be locked. Suspension must remain in stock position. May use Ford and Chevy etc.
  8. Right rear bead lock ok. Must run steel wheel 10” maximum width. Large studs and lug nuts mandatory. Asphalt take-offs only tire allowed.
  9. All drive shafts must be painted white and have hoop around front end of shaft.
  10. All cars must have at least 24” numbers on both sides and top of roof.
  11. A full four-post roll cage is required. Roll cage must be crossed braced with a minimum 3 bars in both doors recommended but X bar ok in right door. Cage must be minimum of 11/2” pipe of .095 thickness. Cage must be cross-braced in top with braces. Must have original floor pan. Must have original firewall. Firewall may be cut for engine set back only. Firewall may be cut on New Camaro and moved back for engine set back. Same thing for Malibu and Monte Carlo or etc. as long as you reinstall stock firewall.
  12. All cars must have fire extinguisher mounted in care so driver may reach with seat belts on. Must run aluminum seats and racing belts secured to roll cage and frame. Must have approved fire suit and helmet.
  13. Motor exchange: Any car on lead lap may claim winner’s motor ONLY. The last car on lead lap has first option to buy. If winner refuses to sell, he will lose points and pay for that night. Also will be penalized 10 points from the TOTAL POINTS he/she may have.




  1. These parts do not go with an engine buy: