Canard Aviation Links
   I won't think of every place you'll want to visit, but I can try to cover some of the bases:

    General canard interest

    Canard Aviator's Page -- The focal point for planes with the funny little wing up front.  Really, if you don't know where this is, what are you doing here?
    EZ Squadron -- The SoCal group's definative page, with newsletter and links.  Also a must-visit site.

    Central States Association -- if you don't belong, you shouldn't build a canard airplane.

    EAA -- The Experimental Aviation Association.  'Nuff said.

    So you want to build an airplane....
    Amateur-built Airplane FAQ
    Homebuilt Aircraft FAQ
    More Homebuilt links

    The Canard Airplanes -- you can't buy a set of Rutan plans, except secondhand.  But there are canard variants for which you can buy plans (Cozy) or kits (all the others).  Herewith, a listing:

    Vari-Eze -- The original.  Continental O-200 engine, 26 gallons of fuel.
    Long-EZ -- Rutan's improved model.  "Long" refers to the range -- as much as 2000 miles with 52 gallons aboard.  Engine is O-235 (or larger), wing area increased; cockpit wider as compared to the Vari-Eze
    Defiant -- Rutan's 4-place canard had two engines, one in front, one behind.  They're very rare, which I think is a shame.

    Berkut -- The "new + improved" Long-EZ is a kit-built.  Alas, the Berkut has fallen on hard times.  The 4-place model has been cancelled, and now so have the 2-place Berkut kits.
    Cozy -- Nat Puffer's double-wide LEZ variant.  Plans-built; the latest version, the Mk 4, seats 4.  Also see the Unofficial Cozy Page
    Aerocad -- Jeff Russell's Aerocanard is a Cozy turned into a kit-built airplane.  You buy the Cozy plans, and can buy as many or as few of Jeff Russel's prefab parts as you like.  A pure plans-built is called a "Cozy" and a pure kit-built is an "Aerocanard"...and just about everyone is flying an "Aerocozy".  What a system!
    E-Racer -- A side-by-side 2-place EZ derivative designed to use experimental automotive powerplants.
    Velocity -- A 4-place "big canard" -- kit built, considerably larger than the Cozy
    SQ2000 -- Another 4-place kit-built, the "Speed Queen" was built by Glassic Composites, which went out of business.  KLS composites now owns the rights, and is shipping parts again.
    Infinity -- Actually, J.D. Newman's Infinity 1 hasn't flown yet, but it looks nice!  Also a vendor of some useful parts.

    Fellow builders

    Deb Iwatate -- A builder, also sells a booklet describing some useful modifications.  Worth the visit.
    Mike Rhodes
    N3R -- A highly modified Long with history; now it works for NOAA.  Not really a builder's page....
    Perry Mick has an unusual propulsion system....
    John Waiter and Goldie Fish -- Use the oil cooler for cabin heat; most progressive.

    John Anderson -- No relation

    Jim Redmon

    Brian DeFord
    Chris van Hoof
    King Kozy -- A highly modified Cozy.  It's for sale, now.
    Kurt Schumacher
    John Slade

    Simon Ramirez

    Rune Rostrup


    Vendors -- parts and items of interest

    Wicks Aircraft -- The source for everything you need to build your plane.
    Aircraft Spruce -- The source for everything you need to build your plane.

    Aerocad -- Jeff Russell will sell complete prefab wings and other composite parts.
    Berkut -- Renaissance Composites sells a complete line of prefab parts, some specifically for the Long-EZ
    Wingco -- complete prefab wings and other composite parts.
    Canard Specialty -- also does prefab wings and parts

    Ken Brock Manufacturing -- Makes complete sets of all the metal parts required for an EZ.  Pretty much required, unless you want a REALLY tough project....
    Lightspeed Engineering -- Klaus Savier owns the fastest Vari-Eze on the planet.  He markets speed mods, electronic ignitions, and more.
    Ken Miller -- A builder with a list of some useful things for sale.
    Infinity Aerospace -- GOOD stick grips, and the Infinity retractable gear, and more!
    CCI Inc -- Art Bianconi and crew makes a winglet lighting system, some excellent replacements for the plans engine mount extrusions (wish I'd used 'em), and more.

    Van's Accessories Catalog -- Intended for RV's, this on-line catalog is handy for EZ's too.

    Wright Aircraft -- Makers of the NoZe lift.  I want one!
    Strong Pitch Trim -- Named after Alex Strong, the builder...but an apt adjective anyway.

    Stitts Poly-Fiber -- Composite finishing system.  I'm a big believer in the filler material; I've experimented with the paint and might or might not use it

    Archangel -- The "ultimate" glass cockpit...several years ago.  I couldn't afford one then, and it hasn't gotten any cheaper.  And I don't have the space to do it right anyway.
    Sierra Flight Systems -- A very nice glass cockpit.  Alas, the 1000 isn't a true attitude indicator....
    Blue Mountain Avionics -- THIS glass cockpit is juuuuuust right.  So I bought one.

    The Aeroelectric Connection -- Bob Nuckolls' site is a good source of info for wiring your experimental airplane.
    B&C Specialty -- Key components for pushing 'trons about the aircraft.
    RST Engineering -- Jim Weir sells several useful electronic items in built and kit form...also sells a copper foil antenna kit which is a MUST-HAVE
    Rocky Mountain Instruments -- Make the microencoder and micromonitor; fine avionics for experimentals.
    Control-Vision -- Cockpit electronics and a fast-connect wiring system.
    EZ-Trim -- Altitude hold

    Catto Props -- Craig Catto's 3-blade props are fast and quiet.
    Whirlwind Propeller
    Hal Hunt -- Stainless exhaust systems

    The EZ Hangar -- specialists in builders' assistance, modification projects, etc.