Canard hole covers
    For those of us without the Roncz canard with offset elevator tube, the elevator tube describes an arc as it moves, necessitating a big arc-shaped hole in the fuselage to clear it.
    Yuck!  It's drafty.  It also lets water in.  It's also drag.

    The most common solution is to install a set of brushes in the hole, to help seal the hole without providing significant friction on the torque tube.  I may yet use a variation of this, to further cut down on drafts.

    But my hangar-mate's Vari-EZ had an exterior cover, which works very well.  It's an oblong shape, with cutout for the tube, that fits between the elevator and the fuselage, and covers the hole in all positions.

    I made my own by laying 3 plies BID and cutting through trial and error; I failed to make a usable template.

    To fit around the tube, the covers have to be cut, then re-attatched.  I used super glue to hold everything in place, then floxed, then added another ply of BID, lapping from the cover onto the elevator slightly.

    How it works remains to be seen, but it doesn't increase elevator friction any, and the elevators are still within weight tolerances.