This is my new page.  The old one was at, which was bought out by, which eventually got around to ending free web hosting without bothering to tell anyone.  Welcome to the new new economy.
    I can't change the old page, add a redirection, or even delete the old one.  Still, you're here, so you must have found out about the change somehow.  Congratulations!

    I have high hopes that is up to the task of hosting my electic collection of screeds and missives and grainy photos.  We'll see.

Who the heck am I?

    By profession, I'm a USAF C-130 pilot.  We fly low, we're tough, we're versatile, and we can carry a lot of just about anything. In short, this airplane rocks, and I'm having a great time.

    Standard disclaimer: This is my private web page, and thus nothing said here can be attributed to be the official position of the USAF ...nor of the USPS, SPCA, AFL-CIO, NOW, NRA, IRS, FBI, CIA, NAACP, or any other organization you care to name.  Sorry...that's just the way it is.
    While we're on the subject, is kind enough to provide me this little online space.  In exchange, I leave their advertising banners up.  Neither Freehomepage nor their advertisers endorse anything I say...or vice versa.  Nor are Freehomepage or their advertisers endorsed by the USAF, get the idea.
            A bit about the Herk

My Long-EZ

    Yes, I'm building my own airplane. Hey, he who dies with the fastest toys wins. Click at right to learn of my Long-EZ trials and tribulations.

Anderson Models

    I build plastic models, mostly in 1/144 scale, and mostly of space subjects. One day, I decided I needed a complete set of present and historical launch vehicles (rockets) worldwide. It's a big task; I'm still at it! It's a rare subject, so I bought some kits from a few "garage" manufacturers. But they didn't have it all, either, so I started scratch-building my own. And I made resin molds of them, to share with a couple of buddies with the same interest. Suddenly, I realized...I >AM< a "garage" manufacturer myself! "Anderson Models" is about as close to a non-profit outfit as you can get...but if you want 1/144 launch vehicles, you MUST pay a visit.... Click on the model to check it out.

Space Travel

    By trade, I'm also an aerospace engineer, with experience in the Delta II and other launch vehicles. I'm also a partisan advocate of cheaper access to space. Click at right for some discussion why, as well as some interesting links.