Great Leaders of Homeopathy

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Dr William Boericke Dr Hering

The William Boericke are very famous for his book on Homeopathic Materia Medica which has been use as a texk book for students at The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia, Pasir Mas, Kelantan.
Dr Hering has written many books on Homeopathy. The famous are Hering Encyclopedia of Materia Medica 10 Volume and Text book on Homeopathy

Dr Baunneuhausen - Belgium Dr J.T.Kent, USA
This great judge of Belgium resigned as The Chief Judge of Belgium and started learning Homeopathy and later become one of the great masters in homeopathy

Dr J.T.Kent was the Prsident of AMA, in USA when he was directed to read books on homeopathy and abolished homeopathy is America. But after reading he was convinced that homeopathy is the best method of treating patient. He resigned as a western medical practitioner and declared himself as a homeopath. Later he became one of the best masters in homeopathy the the world has ever seen.

MRHP Founder Presodent, Dr Nik Omar Homeopathic Doctor Without Barrier while at Cambodia Camp

One of DRTW Project at Siem Riep, Cambodia . Teaching English and Malay language to Cham People at Siem Riep Province in Cambodia

More than 200 patinet are getting free treatment from DRTW at Cambodia

Dr Faridah member of MRHP Homeopathy Malaysia Dr Nik Omar, while giving free services at Cambodia

One of Homeopathic Volunteer , Dr Hajjah Faridah giving treatment to Cambodian at KM8, Cambodia

The man who founded Dr Schuller Bio-Chemic System of Medicine which was adopted by homeopathy as one of their subject.

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