Great Moments in World Homeopathy

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Henrietta, 1st. wife of Samuel Hahneman - passed away while there were in Germany
Henrietta is the first wife of Samuel Hahnemann, she had 11 children with Samuel Hahnemann. As a great wife she tested few drugs as experimental for homeopathy and humanities.

Prof Dr Sir Nik Omar

He is the man responsible for up lifting homeopathy in Malaysia. He head perhaps the biggest homeopathic college and hospital in Malaysia.

He is the founder of:

* The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia
* The Registered Homeopathic Medical Practitoners Association, Malaysia.
* The Doctor Without Barrier
* The Asian Homeopathic Medical League, Malaysia
* Homeopathic Health Resort
* B & F Homeopathic Pharmacy Malaysia
* Nik Omar Homeopathic Medical Centre
* The Research Institute of Medical Acupuncture

Maria Malanie of France

This great lady of France went to Germany to study homeopathy with Samuel Hahnemann. When she found out that Hahnemann was alone after the death of his first wife, she offered to be his wife.

After they were married, in 1835 both of them migrated to Paris , France. His presence there was also a great aid to the establishment and development of the new school of homeopathy in France.

By special royal degree, he received permission tp practice homeopathy in France. The newpapers took up his cause, he was great and popular, patronized by the nobility and great ones of the land, and tehy rallied to the support of Hahnemann and Homeopathy.

Both of them spread Homeopathy in France and become one of the most celeberated homeopathic practice in Paris, France.

While in France he retained his mental faculties to the last moment, and died on the early morning of July 2nd, 1843 at the age of 89 years !

Maria Malanie, The First Lady of Homeopathy

After the death of Hahnemann on 2nd July 1843 she started to teach homeopathy to laymen and propogate homeopathy in France.
Maria Malanie of France

Dr Hering, Germany

He is one of the greatest follower of Hahnemann. He has contributed many books on homeopathy and written a complete set of " 11 volume of Encyclopedia of Materia Medica' which is still be use by many homeopath today

Dr Hering one of the great followers of homeopathy Other Great Homeopaths Are

Dr J.T.Kent, USA
Dr Clarke
Dr Boericke, England
Dr Farrington
Dr Boger
Dr Baunahaussen, Belgium
Dr Allen
Dr Jame Burnet
Dr Maria Blackie
Dr Sir John Weir, England, etc

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