Tour Dates for 2011:

July 17 - "Breakfast With The Beatles" Picnic / Fraze Pavilon - Dayton, OH
July 29 - w/ Kim "Elvis" Kredel @ the 94th Aero-Squadron - Columbus, OH
Sept. 1-6 - Abbey Road On The River - Washington, DC
Dec. - Peter Conrad (Solobury) @ Expresso Yourself Music Cafe - Powell, OH



"Lets recap:  Where else can you find a WILBURY BAND born of the ensembles and friendships enjoyed by bands who love the music at Abbey Road On The River? That my friends is greatness. Solo acts like PETER CONRAD, can do anything, really well. Duos like TWO OF US have been nailing it for 6 years. Have you missed them? Why?" (1/27/08)
- Gary Jacob / Abbey Road On The River promoter


Bottom Photo: PETER CONRAD, BRUCE GOLL, BRUCE BURTON & KEVIN ASHBA (the Columbus Beatleburys)

The TRAVELING BEATLEBURYS are musicians, from three different states, who perform the music of The Traveling Wilburys (group & solo), The Beatles (group & solo, focusing on George Harrison) and songs from the “British Invasion to the Summer Of Love.” 

 PETER CONRAD, from Columbus, OH, sings and plays lead/slide guitar. He has been performing in the Central OH area for over 30 years and has recorded & released 2 solo CDs, “Dream Come True” (1999) & “Half Alive” (2005), both with very obvious Beatle influences. He has performed at every AROTR as a solo artist, beginning in 2002, where he performed his own song “Goodbye George” in the “Tribute To George Harrison” show at the 1st AROTR in Cleveland, OH. In 2003, Peter was one of the 5 finalists in the “We Hope We Passed The Audition Contest.” The winner of that year’s contest was the duo Two Of Us Peter has performed at every AROTR since 2002, including shows in Scranton, PA & Belleville, Ontario, Canada.

SAM PELLEGRINO, from Pennsylvania, sings, plays acoustic guitar and with former Beatlebuy, Ken Vold, was part of the duo Two Of Us. They had been performing at AROTR since 2003 and won the “We Hope We Passed The Audition Contest” that same year. It was at this contest that Sam & Ken first met Peter, and a mutual musical friendship began, resulting in them sitting in on each other’s sets the following years. In 2006, Peter & Two Of Us were paired together as a trio for a couple of shows at AROTR, and during that year’s fest, they met up with bass player Phil Berube. 

PHIL BERUBE, from Boston, Massachusetts, sings and plays bass guitar. Phil has played bass, toured, and/or recorded with The Beach Boys, Joe Cocker, Joe Perry, and Donny Osmond and was in one of the original touring productions of “Beatlemania!”  In 2006 Phil met Peter, Sam & Ken as they were rehearsing in the lobby of the Galt House for their shows. Phil sat in and played piano during this rehearsal/jam session and was invited to perform with them at their next show. Phil showed up at the gig with his Hofner bass guitar, and the idea behind the Traveling Beatleburys was born.     

KEVIN ASHBA, from Lima, OH, sings and plays keyboards. Kevin performs with The Will Freed Band, whose first CD features the harmonica work of John Popper, from Blues Traveler.  Kevin was the 2nd runner up in the “We Hope We Passed The Audition Contest”  at 2006’s AROTR, where he met Peter and gave him a copy of his solo Beatles tribute CD “A Soap Impression.” Kevin was invited to join the Beatleburys after Peter gave his CD a listen and was impressed by what he heard. 

BRUCE GOLL, originally from Shawnee, KS but now living in Dublin, OH, plays drums and percussion. Bruce grew up playing with various rock, blues and R&B bands in the Kansas City area, mainly as the driving beat for Burnt Worm in its many incarnations.  Bruce also played for various bands in CO, OK, MO and KS during his ‘Traveling’ days.  Bruce met Peter at the Dolphin Lounge Electric Open Stage, and was invited to join the Traveling Beatleburys, based on his drumming style, & abilities.

BRUCE BURTON, from Marion, OH is the bassist for the band for all of their Ohio & Mid West shows, when Phil is unavailable. He is a musician with deep roots in Central Ohio -  his first pro gig was at 15 as an original member of the Bobby Floyd Trio featuring Bob Breithaupt on drums (Director, Jazz Arts Group). He has played with various rock, blues and R&B bands in Ohio & Florida since the 1970's. After returning to Ohio in 2001, Bruce formed the MetroGnomes, a classic blues/rock outfit. Recent gigs include Al Smyth's Free Beer n' Chicken Coalition, Soul Satyr, the Brighton Blues Band & Laughing Rhino (w/ Peter & Bruce the drummer)

In addition to this “official” line-up, there is also a “Columbus Edition” of the Beatleburys, who perform in the Central, OH & Mid-West area in the fall and winter months. This line-up features Peter, Kevin & Bruce, and Bruce Burton on bass guitar & vocals..

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The TRAVELING BEATLEBURYS @ AROTR, Washington, DC- 9/2/10 (left to right):
Kevin Ashba, Phil Berube, Sam Pellegrino, Bruce Goll (behind Sam), Peter Conrad

From:  Abbey Road on the River 2011:
Louisville gets its Beatles Fix
Posted on May 27, 2011 by rockinsight

"Thursday, May 26 marked the first of five days of Beatlemania on the Belvedere.  Day one had a shaky start due to the rain.  Things began to pick up in the afternoon as music flowed both indoors (inside The Galt House) and outdoors on various stages.    I saw a small portion of The Traveling Beatleburys, who played in the nice, dry indoors.  They put on an entertaining show and were a good way to get the party started." 

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

From: the, Washington, DC - Sept 7th, 2010
“Abbey Road On The River Provided Weekend Of Great Beatle Sounds” 
        "Good news for local Beatle fans! The Abbey Road on the River fest that went on all Labor Day Weekend was deemed such a big success that the promoters plan to return next year -- and make it an annual event. Festival goers enjoyed non-stop music of the Beatles and other period acts non-stop. With five stages, you couldn't miss.The fest featured far more than Beatle imitation bands. In fact, almost every act put a unique spin and didn't act like the standard quartet where each member strives to look like and play the role of one of the Beatles."

         "The Traveling Beatleburys put on one of the best shows, putting their own spin on songs performed by members of the Traveling Wilburys, which included, of course, George Harrison. (Unlike the Beatle records themselves, the fest's acts did not give short shrift to George's music.) The Beatleburys started with their own take of George's “I Want to Tell You.” As many acts here did, they extended the numbers as one can do on stage, instead of merely trying to imitate the sound on Beatle recordings. Then the Beatleburys covered songs by other Wilburys, including Tom Petty and Bob Dylan."

"The show bills itself as the world's largest Beatles-inspired music festival. We were very lucky to have it here and here's hoping it will Get Back (had to use at least one song title, despite resisting the temptation on that overused technique) here next year!"

The BEATLEBURYS @ AROTR, Louisville, KY - May 2009 (left to right):
Phil Berube, Kevin Ashba Sam Pellegrino, Bruce Goll (behind drums) & Peter Conrad

 From: The Washington Post, Washing, DC – Sept. 2, 2010“Beatles tribute bands from around world come to town for Abbey Road on the River”By John Kelly  
"Here comes the sun, . . . coming to town this weekend for the big Beatles festival at National Harbor. Called
Abbey Road on the River, it's bringing musicians and fans from all over the world.  There's even a Traveling Wilburys cover band from the Midwest: the Traveling Beatleburys."

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From: Itchycoo Park's promo flyers for Abbey Road On The River 2010:
"Earlier this year, Itchycoo Park had the pleasure of hosting AROTR's Peter Conrad on a trip to the UK. Peter played a sell out theatre show with the band in Scotland - as part of a UK tour."

The BEATLEBURYS @ AROTR, Belleville, Ontario, Canada - Aug. 2008 (left to right):
Phil Berube, Kevin Ashba, Sam Pellegrino & Peter Conrad

From: The Courier-Journal, Louisville, KY – May 26, 2008
"Thousands of Beatles Fans Converge on Louisville”

"You look out and see people of all ages and everybody knows the songs,"

- Peter Conrad, of the Traveling Beatleburys
By Melissa Gagliardi •
Flags and banners hanging from the Galt House windows included one proclaiming, "I love you Paul." It could mean only one thing -- on the Belvedere below, Louisville's Beatles tribute festival, Abbey Road on the River, was in full swing.Thousands converged. Some were there to reminisce about the music of their youth, and others were hearing hits like "Love Me Do" and "Back in the U.S.S.R." played live for the first time.Event producer Gary Jacob wants the festival to bring The Beatles to future generations. However, he said since moving the event to Louisville from Cleveland four years ago, it has seen a major drop in corporate funding. In order for the festival to remain in Louisville, that needs to change, he said. The event fills more than 2,000 hotel rooms and is said to bring $3 million to the community, so he wonders why more corporate sponsors haven't come on board. "I don't think the business community is stretching enough to really look at this event and its impact on the community," he said.However, thanks to good weather, Jacob said, the event may have seen record attendance levels over the weekend, if Saturday's crowds are any indication.  He said the good weather and a promotion to let children in free helped bring in a record crowd Saturday. The event runs through today. Attendance figures weren't available yesterday.Peter Conrad, a member of The Traveling Beatleburys, agreed that this year's festival brought some of the largest crowds he'd seen. "You look out and see people of all ages and everybody knows the songs," he said. Plus, he enjoyed seeing familiar faces from past festivals. "It's like a huge family reunion," Conrad said, "full of peace and love and music all because of The Beatles."

The 1st BEATLEBURY line-up @ AROTR, Louisville, KY - 5/26/07 (left to right):
Phil Berube, Kevin Ashba, Sam Pellegrino, Peter Conrad, Ken Vold & Barry Katz

From: the Evansville Courier Press – Evansville, IL – Sept. 2008 Pete Best, original drummer for the Beatles (1960-62), will headline the "Benton George Harrison Beatle Fest" Oct. 4, 2008 in the southern Illin