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President:Twanny Mercieca
Vice-President: Paul Aquilina
Hon Secreteray:Chris Formosa
Ass.Secretary:Dareen Brincat
Hon Treasurer: Jason Pace
Ass.Hon Treasurer: Mario Zammit
MFA Council Member: Paul Aquilina


A message for the Old boys and supporters
Mr Hamilton asked me to write a small message for those ex- Marsa boys and girls who left our beautiful island to seek their fortunes in Australia. I wrote this message in English so that even the children and grandchildren of these ex-Marsa gentlemen can read it.As you may be aware over the last 30 years Marsa changed completely from the time of your childhood. It has became a very industrialized and commercial centre and its population has dwindled from the maximum of 14,000 it was in the 1960 to approximately 8000. Also the living population has grown older as the young people left their birth town to go to leave in modem buildings within the surrounding towns and villages.Obviously the culture of loving football has not died. We have continued to built on last year and this year we have recruited new players It is our intention that we establish our team in the First Division since you can attract more sponsors and even enlarge your Nursery. In fact over the years the club attracted several sponsors like Barilla, Weetabix, Unitel, and Euroweb. As you may be aware our main restriction is the finanancial aspect since to-day to play in the First Division you require a budget thats means we need your help if you want this great club to function firstly one must pay their Membership and purchase rafflr tickets but most of all your support .

Any donations can be sent directly to our Bankers:

MARSA F.C Bank of Valletta Limited St.Anne Street Floriana Malta

Or Marsa F.C HSBC(Malta) Plc St.Joseph High Street Hamrun Malta

We would like to invite all Maltese immigrants to visit our club and to support our team during our matches in Malta. Please do not be shy to contact us and hereunder are full details of telephones and faxes

Club Telephone number    (356) 21238654
Club fax number         (356)21322410
President    Phone number (356) 99473309 Mobile Phone
I would like to thank Mr Hamilton on behalf of my Committee for giving me this opportunity. We would like to sent our best regards to the thousands of Marsa boys and girls who today live with their family in in all parts of the world. I am sure that they have made Marsa and Malta proud by their hard labour and integrity. We hope to share our future success with them.


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