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Use of divining rod, bioenergy, psychotherapy, crystaloterapy, cromatotherapy, acupressure, feng-shui, lit puncture, yi-ching, astronumerology. Following text is the translation of the passage from:  Sto najboljih iscjelitelja (Hundred best healers) from Enciklopedija Alternative (Encyclopedia of alternative) published by Udruga hrvatskih terapista (Society of Croatian therapists), Zagreb, 2000.


 Borivoj BukvaGraduated B. sc. of engineering, many-sided healer. Borivoj Bukva was born in Karlovac, the 10th December 1948. He is a poet, a prose writer and a painter.

He held numerous exhibitions and participated in many more, contributes in diverse magazines, published six books about esoteric and theosophy. He is the member of Theosophical Society of Rijeka, passionate jogger and a mountain climber, participates at Venice Marathon.

Nevertheless, the real center of his interests is esoteric, and occupied him in many years Here is the wide field of his action use of divining rod, bioenergy, psychotherapy, crystaloterapy, cromatotherapy, acupressure, feng-shui, lit puncture, astronumerology, yi-ching.

His method of diagnostic is pendulum, and healing performs by laying the hands He also heals on distance If a therapist ménage to recreate the Balance within the organism, the unity of mind and body - the patient certainly heals says Bukva.

Three are three essential conditions must be fulfilled if a person wants to recover: First, there is imperative of healthy food, either macrobiotic or vegetarianism. The second condition is either active or recreative practicing of sport. The third condition is avoiding of stress situations, which is necessary for achievement of mental and emotional peacefulness. As a rule, the situation of the patient is result of all three types of disorder Divining rod diagnostic examination allows locating the sources of health problems, and helps to indicate preventive treatment.


 Bukva Paint

If patient is unable to contact the therapist personally, it is possible to send the photography to Mr.. Bukva, and add a few words, including the full name, time of birth, blood group, weigh height and most preferred color, so the therapist wilt find the cause of disease. He will analyze the patient's condition and send the report (about 10 pages) explaining the condition and the cause's of illness. He will analyze patient's chakras, resistance on fatigue and diseases, vitality, state of aura, and bioenergetics potentiality of the patient, finding also about geopatogenic zone (negative energy) influencing the patient....

By those and other data, it is possible to analyze the successfulness in life. Bukva also make horoscopes, is expert in physiognomy, practices astromedicine and crystaloterapy, and "reads books of prophecy. He can recommend to the patient (on request) the optimal diet, finds out the, balance of ying-yang, and recommends the methods of balancing the intake of minerals an vitamins in the body. Bukva is familiar with the meditative technique of meeting the higher spiritual guide, technique of rosy bubble and other meditative techniques.


As a rule, the healing process takes about fifteen days, three treatments a day, at appointed time, after divining rod diagnostic and instructions which can enable the patient to take the care about her (him) self and improve the health with self-healing methods. Bukva have achieved good therapeutic results with wide specters of diseases, in cases of headache, cardio-vascular diseases, digestion and hormonal problems...

From his broad archive, here are just mentioned a few cases: Maria (50) had serious psychology cal problems, sleeping disorder, and due to her alcoholism her marriage was in heavy crisis. She refused to be hospitalized or to visit the doctor. After Bukva's treatment, her situation I normalized. Mihajlo had stomach problems, Marica arthritis. Therapy has helped, as well as to Mirjana's  thyroid problems. Arsen was motionless, due to ischialgia. Blockades and antibiotic couldn't stop the pain. Bukva's treatment relieved the pain after only two days.



Everybody has to have his own picture, which means something to him, represents something, which moves him to act, or in the moments of tiredness and inquietude leads him toward his goal picture where he finds himself, his peace of mind, his sanctuary.


 Coastline of island Krk

Coastline of island Krk
watercolors 24 x 35 mm

A picture in the flat, in the room, corridor, which you bought long ago or inherited, can serve for meditation. It is desirable to find colorfully well-designed picture, with all the colors of spectrum represented.

From black over red, orange, yellow, green, blue, deep blue, pink - to all the shades of pale. Picture can even be represented with fewer colors, choosing those that are essential for particular person or those, which are missing colors of blocked charkas of the person.

It is important that picture means something to you, symbolizes something: planned goal in life, unfulfilled wish.

It can even be a memory from the past, youth, part of childhood you are firmly attached to.


 Bukva Paint On that picture you have to find your sanctuary, a place where you feel completely safe, where nobody can hurt you or do you any harm.

That sanctuary can be anything, if it's a winter landscape in dusk, sanctuary can be the window from which radiates the light of the candle, it could be a leaf on the tree wonderfully bliss in golden yellow color, which makes you feel satisfied, it could be a dewdrop on the flower, little wave on the waters of a lake, or a white lotus, sunbeam passing trough crowns of trees, little cloud or a beam coming from it, end of the road or a curve vanishing in the distance.

Sanctuary can be anything, it is important to feel comfort and pleasure in that detail so that color causes you to feel hardly describable satisfaction while looking at it.

One should learn to hint more often about self, own feelings, own experiences - during looking at the picture. In this occasion we will use such mental concentration with the eyes open.


 Boats on the River


Boats on the River

watercolors 24x40


How to concentrate our attention on ourselves? The easies way to achieve this is in isolation. Alone, separated from the others, in a quiet room, with eyes, closed we breathe in and out about 10 times, with backbone erect, letting our thoughts feelings and the other containment of own physic life to floe free. Than, we open our eyes and look at the picture.

This instruction I s also the introduction for the beginning o meditative operation of watching the piece of art. Watching the world around us, our picture we stand in front, we are also watching the world within us.


 Bukva Paint


Even that knowledge I s sufficient to weaken the power of such unlucky experience. Thinking about yourself, the painting, detail and color should not least to (long.

That could be only a minute oversight over your deer sigh, on the quick heartbeat, on an aggressive thought developed I n you by someone you talked with, or over any idea distant, slowly passing over the picture approach and enter your sanctuary. Repeat the thought: " This is my sanctuary, now nobody can do me any harm, from here I can control the situation." Feel satisfaction, joy, and knowledge that you are safe. The moment of the entrance and resting in the sanctuary must be a short one.


 Park Risnjak

Park Risnjak

oil on canvas 64x54

Again return to the beginning of the meditation, once more glance over the whole picture and find out as you have not been mistaken about the least attractive detail.


Slowly move over the picture stopping at the most interesting parts of prime colors, on missing colors of your blocked chakras, or on colors that are interesting for you at the moment. Than, you should say aloud or only in your mind the following thoughts:


 Bukva Paint

  • This is my first prime color, this moment I am fulfilled with my first prime color!

  • This is my second prime color, this moment I am fulfilled with my second prime color!

  • This is my missing color, this moment I am fulfilled with my missing color!

  • This color makes me feel great joy, this moment I am fulfilled with it, and so on..

The order is not important; thoughts can be spoken as details from the picture are arriving. By this meditation, we are also practicing a cromotherapy, as a self-healing method of alternative medicine.


oil on wood 30 x 64 mm


All of those thoughts and passing from the color to the other you shouldn't do neither too fast, nor too slow; stop for so long as you feel pleasure, and with first uneasiness and saturation do the easy passing on the next detail or color.

 Approaching and entrance in the sanctuary must be instant, it is needed to feel a flash of satisfaction, happiness exaltation and change and than suddenly leave the sanctuary.


  Bukva Paint


That finishes the meditation. The meditation is not temporally limited - it can least up to ten minutes or more; meditate only when you feel a need for it. For higher efficiency and usefulness of the meditation, it is necessary to know your two prime colors and your missing colors, (if there are such) so that you could, by art aided meditation, as well practice self-healing with alternative method of chromo therapy.

You should take this meditation as a game, without stress and obligations, do as it suits you the best - relaxed, imaginative, and even respecting this order is not necessary. Invent something on your own, fulfill it with some finesse, and if you are on the right way, you'll find it yourself. Your feelings and experiences are telling all about it.


 Boats on harbour - Oil on canvas 46x 60 mm

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This article by Borivoj Bukva was published in ARKA magazine, June 21. 1991. Zagreb, Croatia, page 27.
Translated from Croatian by Max Ludi

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